Why does my cleaned carpet smell worse?

Incorrect extraction is the most common factor that leads to the presence of an unpleasant odor after carpets have been cleaned. After having the carpet cleaned, if the water is not thoroughly extracted, the padding and other materials underneath the carpet are at risk of developing mold and mildew.

Note that it does not take long for mold or mildew to develop and spread along the underside of a carpet. This is because both mold and mildew grow quickly in areas that are dark and damp. If you notice an unpleasant odor after having your carpets cleaned, it is imperative that you call a more experienced professional to clean the carpets, eliminate the mold and mildew, and then dry the carpets the right way so that those residues do not return!

It is not a pleasant experience to have a smelly carpet after cleaning it, and if the smell is caused by mold or mildew, it can also become a health hazard for the people in the home. If you are interested in learning how to remove mold from a carpet, take a look at the informative post that we have written on our blog; both your lungs and nose will be grateful to you.

You have either seen or smelled (which is probably the worse indicator), that it is time to remove the dirt that has become trapped in your carpet. You decided to give that shaggy piece of fabric a good bath, as any responsible homeowner or renter would do in a situation like that.

You probably moved your pet into another room, rented a cleaning machine, or called a professional to clean the carpet. You also probably prayed to every god you knew that the stains on the carpet would be easy to remove.

So far, so good.
A couple of hours later, you had your lovely carpet cleaned, but the receptors in your nose continued to tell you that something was wrong. You did some investigating, only to discover that the problem lies with the rug itself.

Why does your carpet still smell bad after it’s been cleaned?
The fact that the backing of the carpet has retained the moisture that it absorbed during the cleaning process is the most common reason why a carpet has a foul odor after being cleaned.

In the event that the material is not properly dried, there is a higher risk of water damage and mildew problems, both of which can result in the appearance of a musty odor. Therefore, make sure that you dry the carpet thoroughly, and the unpleasant odor should go away.

After the carpet has had a chance to completely dry, the odor that has been described as “wet dog” should no longer be present if the carpet is relatively new.

If the carpet is more than a few years old, the musty odor could be an indication that the underlay is deteriorating. If this is the case, your carpet or rug may have outlived its usefulness and needs to be replaced with a brand new one.

I was wondering how well the carpet was cleaned.
The overwetting of a carpet is the primary cause of a foul odor to remain after having it professionally cleaned. The following are the most common reasons for excessive wetting:

The carpet cleaning machine that I rented did not have the sufficient suction power to remove all of the moisture from the fibers.
Because of their lack of experience, the carpet cleaners soaked the floor coverings more than necessary.
The person who cleaned the carpet used an excessive amount of shampoo or detergent and did not rinse the rug sufficiently afterward.
The carpet did not dry completely because the conditions for drying were unfavorable; for example, high humidity levels or insufficient air circulation can prevent the carpet from drying completely.
In some instances, in order to remove dried-on stains from the carpet, it will be necessary to overwet specific sections of the carpet. After the wet cleaning process is complete, the carpet will go through a couple of dry cleaning passes to remove as much moisture as possible, thereby reducing the risk of water damage and odor. If your cat has messed up on your carpet, read our guide on how to remove urine stains for more information.

When warm water comes into contact with dirt and heavy spillages that are deeply embedded in the fibers of the carpet, it creates an environment that is ideal for the growth of bacteria. The bacteria are able to multiply as a result of the heat and moisture, which results in an increase in the intensity of the smell. Because of this, ensuring that the carpet is dried correctly is essential if one wishes to avoid having a smelly carpet after having it cleaned.

We recommend that you read our post on the carpet cleaning methods that are currently the most effective and popular in order to determine which method is appropriate for your textile floor covering. Check out our article that is specifically devoted to the topic if you are interested in learning how often you should clean a carpet.

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