Why Custom Draperies Cost As Much As They Do in Mountain View

Custom Draperies Price As Much As They Do
I frequently find myself beating objections from clients who just don’t find the need. There are objections ranging from – that I have blinds to, they are a dust magnet, and the one – .
Drapery Cleaning in Mountain View — Most homeowners don’t understand the importance of custom drapery within an well-designed room, or they assume they are only an unnecessary investment. I will not enter the reasons why functionally and aesthetically they’re necessary, because I wrote about that in this article. I will pay why they cost what they do, because that is where that the objections are heard by me
Employing a professional matters
Some homeowners are amazed by the fact that we charge a consultation fee take measurements of the windows, and to go resources, to offer ideas. They are used to a neighborhood workroom coming in to take measurements to supply them with a quote that is free .
They usually leave it up to the homeowner to select whatever fabric and style that they need in their selections that are restricted, without a lot of input and guidance from them. Their principal goal is to market any window treatment – that the more expensive the better, but often times nothing else has been considered. I am sure there are exceptions to this, but generally speaking, that is when you have someone visit your home for a fee consultation for window 33, what you will discover.
We do not operate that way. We are aware that the minute we show up to your home, we will not only take the dimensions, but we’ll offer solutions for your windows. And not only that, as designers, we’re looking at the room as a whole and not just the windows. Your window treatments are one element of this room, so it must work with everything else that you either already have going on in the area, or have planned for the space. We have a vast library of materials at our disposable, and lots of experience designing, fabricating and installing custom window treatments.
We wish to make sure is precious to you and value your time. Ideas are freely given by us and research choices, and therefore compensation for our time is required
Just a professional will make sure that the are perfectly tailored for your windows, you have decided on the correct fabric for your specific program, although anyone can offer you window remedies, your needs are taken under account, and the entire room is considered.

Why Are Custom Drapes So Expensive in Mountain View