Why Clothes Dryer Vent Cleansing With a Leaf Blower Isn’t a Great Concept A Tip from Green Carpet’s® in Woodland Hills

Why Clothes Dryer Vent Cleansing With a Leaf Blower Isn’t a Great Concept: A Tip from Green Carpet’s®

Dryer Vent in Woodland Hills cleaning — Clothes dryer air vent cleaning is the process by which dust is gotten rid of from your clothes Dryer Vent in Woodland Hills line, from the machine itself right with to the outdoors air vent. This dust is extremely combustible, and also the combination of a dryer air vent line obstructed with lint and also the continual blast of hot air from your dryer creates an extreme fire threat. Cleaning up the vent line frequently, and also thoroughly, is critical to house fire security.

What is the procedure for cleaning a Dryer Vent in Woodland Hills with a leaf blower?

The conventional DIY process for clothes Dryer Vent in Woodland Hills cleaning with a leaf blower is to separate the clothes dryer from the wall surface and then place the nozzle of a fallen leave blower into the air vent line where the clothes dryer had been linked (stopping the getaway of air by wrapping the location where the two connect with a towel, or a tape of some type). The individual would certainly after that start up the leaf blower, which is intended to propel the dust down the line and also out the air vent to the exterior.

Why might this process not function?

In order for this technique to be efficient, your Dryer Vent in Woodland Hills line would have to fulfill several requirements, as well as most of them do not:
It must be short in size– just a few feet long. A fallen leave blower can just purge a few feet of dryer air vent.
It needs to have no twists or turns, just a straight shot from device to outside. The blast of air from a leaf blower is not mosting likely to turn edges effectively.
It needs to not be constructed from accordion-style flex ducting, only inflexible steel. Dust often tends to gather in the folds up of the accordion.
It should have an outdoors air vent that is easily obtainable, to examine for air flow. The clothes dryer air vent can not be thought about tidy without evaluating for good air circulation.
It should not have any kind of steel screening over the outside vent (no dryer air vent should!). These offer just to catch lint and also prevent its exit, producing a fire threat.

If every one of these requirements are not fulfilled, you might easily intensify the problem by pressing all the dust to a details location and also creating a clog. A a lot more efficient– dependably efficient– procedure for cleansing the vent line is to utilize a tool that will draw the lint out to where you can see it, as opposed to pressing it to where you might not have the ability to.

What is the appropriate technique of Dryer Vent in Woodland Hills cleaning?

The most efficient technique of clothes dryer air vent cleansing is to place a tool called a reverse spinning captain sphere, affixed to a high-pressured air line, from the outside air vent via the length of the air vent line to the clothes dryer itself. When the device is involved, it reverse-blasts air from its nozzles and spins. As it is pulled in reverse and also withdrawn, far from the clothes dryer towards the outside vent, it pulls the dust with it, expelling it with excellent force. This process can be duplicated as often times as required up until all dust is eliminated. The professional would certainly after that inspect the departure speed to guarantee appropriate air flow and to confirm the lack of any type of blockage.
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