When Cleaning, Think Green Montrose

When Cleaning, Think Green

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Montrose — As individuals, we all want to play our bit in keeping our environment as safe and healthy as possible for our children as well as future generations. Many individuals don’t think about how their household cleaners harm the environment or how toxic they might be in their local surroundings. Your home may be cleaned safely and successfully with some careful consideration, planning, and effort, protecting the environment, your home, family, and pets from dangerous chemicals and fumes.

Most individuals believe that disinfecting surfaces in their homes on a regular basis is necessary to avoid illness and disease transmission. However, most sections of your home do not need to be cleansed to prevent germs from spreading. This includes your bathroom. Mild detergents, hot water, and some elbow grease can generally do the trick.

The exception to this rule is the kitchen. Anything involved in food preparation should be completely scrubbed down and disinfected with each use. This includes food preparation surfaces, utensils, cleaning clothes, and sponges.

Pay extra attention to cleaning products with the phrases poison or hazard on the label when buying for them. Under federal legislation, these terms represent the highest level of hazard. Warning or caution labels on products can constitute a moderate hazard and should be treated with caution. Make sure you read the labels and follow the instructions. Never mix chlorine-containing cleaning solutions with ammonia-containing cleaning products.

When cleaning your home, consider using materials like vinegar, baking soda, and light detergent. Contact your local health agency or county sanitation office for information and support if you have issues about how to properly dispose of dangerous household cleaning chemicals. For households to safely dispose of household hazardous trash, most communities provide a household hazardous waste collection location.

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