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What Trends Are Coming Back in 2023?

Fashions come and go, but the upcoming year of 2023 will see the return of certain classic decor choices that will breathe fresh life into your rooms while adding a touch of contemporary elegance. Trendy interior design features for 2023 include, among others, a focus on natural materials and tones;

Arches: These impressive designs, popular throughout the Renaissance period, frame doorways and windows to provide a peek into neighboring rooms.
Curved furniture from the 1960s and 1970s is making a resurgence, and it may help you generate flow while also encouraging relaxation and a sense of welcome.
The days of sitting rooms and dens as secluded retreats are over. Instead, architects are creating spaces in which residents may relax and recharge, such as music rooms or little libraries.

Traditional Carpets to Complement Your Decor

In search of a new rug, then. You have spent months scouring Instagram and Pinterest for the perfect carpet. You have seen everything from colorful and modern contemporary carpets to traditional and refined antique rugs.

Define a timeless rug, please.
A lovely rug serves as a unifying element in works of art from the Renaissance period all the way up to the present day, as seen in an issue of Architectural Digest. The quality of a classic rug can be judged by its construction, materials, and design. With high-quality materials like handspun wools and natural vegetal dyes, a rug that is hand-knotted can last a lifetime and beyond. Persian Heriz and Serapi rugs, Turkish Oushaks hand-woven in neutral palettes of beige, creams, grays, and black, and tones of blues, rusts, salmons, and reds, never go out of style because their designs and colors are timeless.

Classic Rug Designs
Wool Rugs: Heriz and Serapi
When it comes to classic, long-lasting rugs, Heriz and Serapi Carpets are our top picks. Even though younger generations have embraced eco-friendly architecture, the charm and magnetism of these masterpieces from the 19th and 20th centuries remain strong. These antique carpets are a great way to infuse new or remodeled rooms with character and charm by combining two design eras. The Heriz offers history and timelessness to a setting that will never go out of style, making it ideal for anything from the floor beneath and on top of Sigmund Freud’s chaise lounge in his famous study to the rustic work-from-home office.

Rugs made from Axminster Weavers
Axminster, Wilton, Wiltshire, and Salisbury are all names for traditional English hand-knotted carpets that have now become shorthand for modern, clean-lined, high-quality wool carpeting made either by hand or by machine. Many of these centuries-old designs and weaving methods can be found in high-end carpeting showrooms all around the world. These place names have become synonymous with not only a particular weaving method but also the distinctive appearance of these typically monochromatic clean-line repeating patterns. Color palettes come and go, but these timeless patterns endure. Many discerning interior designers exclusively use them on hallway and stair applications. Because of the current trend toward minimal ornamentation and clean lines, traditional carpets in the Axminster and Wilton styles are sure to remain in demand for the foreseeable future.

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