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What Methods Are Used for Professional Rug Cleaning?

Any apartment can benefit from the element of style afforded by a well-designed area rug. It gives the room a warm and inviting atmosphere while also lending it a sense of coziness and closeness. The issue is that every area rug has the potential to be subjected to a significant amount of dirt and dust on a daily basis due to the presence of strong foot traffic and animals. This usually causes it to appear discolored, jaded, and somewhat worse for wear than before.

Taking an area rug outside, hanging it up, and then beating the living daylights out of it with a large paddle-shaped device was the traditional method for removing dirt and dust from an area rug. Of course, this method was utilized in the past. In point of fact, it is still a suitable option to use today; however, if you reside in an apartment on a higher floor, you should generally avoid using it. If there were a wall of dust and debris heading in their direction, I highly doubt your neighbor who lives below you would welcome it. Therefore, what are your choices for having your area rugs cleaned?

Your Own Housekeeping

It is true that you may make an attempt to clean it on your own by giving it thorough vacuuming. Even though this method is effective at eliminating newly accumulated dirt and dust particles from your carpet, it will not remove any residue that has worked its way deep into the fibers of your rug. When you vacuum an already dusty and soiled carpet, all you are really doing is removing the dirt that is on the surface of the carpet. This is the only thing that you are accomplishing. You might, of course, attempt shampoos and detergents that you buy from the shop; but, the vast majority of these products are designed for synthetic carpets, not for rugs made of natural fibers. As a consequence of this, they can be too harsh, which would cause the rug to bleed and change color. What do you think about hiring a vacuum or a steam cleaner? The procedure may be successful on synthetic carpets, but it is not recommended for rugs made of fragile natural fibers or those that were handcrafted, as the process may cause harm to these types of rugs.

Putting forth a call for the experts

To ensure that the rug in your apartment is cleaned thoroughly, it is best to use a professional cleaning service. Having said that, you must check to see if the firm in issue is competent to clean specialized rugs before hiring them. You see, a carpet cleaner who specializes in general cleaning will visit your home and perform a steam cleaning of the area rug right then and there. The problem is that even after the majority of the water has been removed from a delicate rug, there is still a possibility that the fibers will become entangled with one another. In addition, if an excessive amount of water is poured, the rug may continue to be wet for twenty-four to forty-eight hours. That’s enough time for mold and bacteria to start growing, and in a space as small as an apartment, that’s going to bring all kinds of problems.

Because of this, it is important to be certain that the firm you hire has experience working with fragile carpets or rugs made of natural fibers. Instead, they will visit your apartment in order to do a comprehensive check of the space. Following the completion of the investigation, they will devise an appropriate and risk-free cleaning solution. After ensuring that the solution meets your expectations, the rug will then be removed and transported to a specialized cleaning facility. If it’s very fragile, it might first be dusted with a process that uses mild air, followed by hand cleaning, and then dried in its original state. After the makeover is finished, it will appear to be brand new when it is delivered back to your residence.

At Green Carpet’s Cleaning, we clean all varieties of rugs and carpets, from the most high-end specialty varieties to the more affordable commercial varieties. In order to guarantee the highest quality outcomes, these rugs are removed from the premises and given the required treatment. Please don’t hesitate to call us at the above number if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for a free estimate. Keep in mind that you no longer need to tolerate living with a dirty carpet! Book a Same Day Carpet Cleaning Campbell service now.

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