What is the price per room at Green Carpet’s Cleaning

What is the price per room at Green Carpet’s Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning SF — Contrary to popular misconception, carpets are not difficult to maintain. All that is required to remove carpet stains and keep them looking great for a long time is daily vacuuming and spot treatments. There are occasions, however, when you want to restore the lush newness of your carpet but are unable to do so with a DIY carpet clean. Carpet cleaning services come in handy in this situation.

Many homeowners seek professional aid to deep clean their carpets, remove tough carpet stains, and/or clean and restore carpeting that has been damaged by water, in addition to employing a carpet cleaner to attain those “like-new” results. According to our calculations, hiring a carpet cleaning is the most cost-effective alternative.

The type of cleaning required, the area/size, labor intensity, and equipment required all factor towards the average cost of professional carpet cleaning services. In Sydney, professional carpet cleaning rates often vary from $80 to $200 per room.

Some carpet cleaning companies also charge hourly or per-room charges, which might be less or more than the average cost based on a variety of circumstances.

What Type of Carpet is it?

The cost of professional carpet cleaning varies according to the type of carpet. This is the case because some fibers/materials require more delicate cleaning and/or specific equipment and processes in order to be cleaned safely and effectively.

Here are three common carpet types and their cleaning difficulty (which affects the overall cost):

Carpets from Morocco

Because of their sturdy design and resilient fibers, these loop pile carpets are reasonably easy to clean. As a result, berber is one of the most affordable carpet kinds to clean professionally.

Cut Pile and Level Loop Pile Carpets

Strong weaves in both level loop and cut pile carpets are simply trimmed down for a short and even finish. Cleaning costs are cheap, similar to berber, unless high-intensity cleaning is required to remove difficult stains and filth.

Carpets Made of Wool and Cotton

When it comes to carpets, these two fibers are classified as “sensitive cleaning.” Wool and cotton carpets are often more expensive, and their cleaning requirements are also more time consuming. Wool and cotton carpets are less expensive to clean than berber and most low pile carpets, but they are more expensive to clean than berber and most low pile carpets.

What Cleaning Method/Equipment is Required?

The cleaning method and equipment needed will be determined by the state of your carpet. As a result, a professional carpet cleaning service will inspect the carpet before recommending a safe and effective cleaning approach.

Here are some of the most typical professional carpet cleaning methods:

Cleaning using Steam

Steam cleaning is the best option for a carpet that has to be deep cleaned to remove light stains, filth, and dust/dirt accumulation. Due to the equipment needed, labor effort, and additional time required to complete the procedure, it is a frequent carpet cleaning service that costs a bit more than other methods. The cost of a basic steam clean per room is around $45.

Cleaning Services

This is one of the less expensive carpet cleaning procedures since it employs a specifically formulated powder that absorbs filth, stains, and dirt when dusted over the carpet. The carpet is then thoroughly vacuumed, revealing cleaner, brighter carpet fibers.


Shampooing is advised for extremely filthy carpets, pet stains, and bad odor removal. This heavy-duty cleaning is mostly determined by the products utilized, which vary by business. Professional carpet shampooing can cost up to or slightly more than $75 per room on average.

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