What height of window is best for Drapery in Sunnyvale

What height of window will be best for Drapery
Drapery Cleaning in Sunnyvale — I had a call from a gentleman who needed help. If the 2 panels he bought could be somehow sewn together to create them into a longer panel for his two story 27, he wanted to know.
This isn’t the way to do it, although I am all about extending your decorating dollars. It’s probably safe to say these two story windows are a huge focal point within the room, therefore store bought drapes that have to be sewn together to create one panel would stick out like a sore thumb.
Store bought drapes cannot be expected to perform what custom draperies can. They are mass produced and just come in standard lengths 63″, 84″, 95″, 96″ and 108″. A two story window is most likely going to be over 200″at the least; a mean of about 216″. I am certain that I don’t need to say the obvious that if you sew two curtains together, you will notice a seam running across it at the center of the curtain panel, and that is a dead giveaway that they were not designed for your window.
Store bought curtains are also not usually adequately lined and interlined. The pleating in the header (if one exists) is generally sloppy rather than tailored with buckram. They’re also usually not broad enough and they do not have drapery weights. These are just some of the important pieces that come together to make custom tailored drapery panels up. Store bought drapes do not take into account that the wall and floor are not level and there has to be some tweaking onsite at installation
That’s what you pay for if you hire an expert to design and fabricate your custom drapery. We believe these factors after assessing your windows and the walls, ceiling and flooring
In some cases we do drapery panels that are color-block, but those require a layout strategy to Ensure the fall or the proportions operate overall
Think about what is needed to put in two story drapery panels. Its really is a much bigger undertaking than homeowners recognize and they question the cost.
Some courageous installer must get up on a ladder (or scaffolding) to put in your new custom made draperies. He’s got to have a car big enough to transport a very large ladder. He has to have insurance. It will take time than lower windows and it needs tools is secured to the walls

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