What are the Different Types of Rug Tapes in Santa Monica

What are the Different Types of Rug Tapes

Rug Cleaning in Santa Monica — The several rug tape choices in the market shift contingent upon their planned reason. For instance, cover tape for one end to the other rug will have unexpected characteristics in comparison to a removable mat tape.

The good news? You can regularly stay away from the previously mentioned drawbacks of utilizing rug tape by buying the right rug tape.

Make certain to pick one that is viable with your ground surface and is protected to use on your carpet. That way, that tape will have the most reduced danger of harm to your floor and carpet. How about we separate this on those various sorts of mat tape.

Heavy Duty Rug Tape
A heavy-duty rug tape is intended for (you got it) substantial grasp. Think channel tape, however most likely more secure. Its solidarity and flexibility make it appropriate to use on mats and wooden decks to save your carpet set up for the long stretch. Additionally, the uncompromising mat tape gives you the opportunity to utilize it both inside or outside. You can utilize hard core mat tape as an option in contrast to channel tape. You can utilize it to hang workmanship, seal minor fixes, or join to furniture feet to hold it back from moving.

Versatile to use on hardwood, laminate, tile, marble, carpets, stone flooring, and stairs.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Leaves no residue or scratching on your delicate floors.

Doesn’t offer a cushioning grip.

Rug Tape For Hardwood Floors
Hardwood floors are delicate, and most rug tapes can ruin them — a nightmare for any homeowner. The adhesive in the carpet tape easily reacts with wood flooring and wood floor finishes that’s exposed to the sun or heat.

That reaction loosens the grip and leaves discolored stains that damage the hardwood floors.

Instead of using a harmful carpet adhesive, opt for rug gripper tape. For instance, the double-sided washable rug tape is suitable for hardwood, tile, large carpets, and small area rugs like a doormat. This rug tape won’t restrict your cleaning routines because it’s reusable. Simply pick up the rug, clean the carpet or floor as you would normally, then wipe down the gripper with a damp cloth, let it dry, then put the rug back down — sticky again! That’s because water reactivates silicone grip, and it becomes sticky again.

Washable and reusable.
Doesn’t damage the floors when removed.
Suitable to use on smooth surfaces.

Doesn’t offer a cushioning grip.
Some reviewers claim the grip is not very good.

Rug Tape For Laminate Floors
A laminate floor is more sensitive than other floor types and can react badly with some tape. That means you have to be even more careful about choosing the right rug tape.

Leave no residue on laminate floors.
Doesn’t offer a cushioning grip.

Rug Tape For Carpet
The best kind of rug tape for a carpet is one made of silicone. Silicone is more durable compared to rubber when it comes to tapes and unlike rubber, it doesn’t leave a sticky residue. With many rubber tapes, manufacturers use harmful chemicals or plasticizers to enhance the adhesive ability or durability and these can damage the floor. Silicone is also equally easy to apply and remove without ripping off the carpet fibers or floor’s surface.

Easy to install.
Doesn’t damage rugs and floors.

Seek help from an Expert Rug Cleaner
Dirty rugs can pollute your indoor air and aggravate allergies and cause breathing issues. Rugs that get dirty and can make your home look and feel uninviting. As one of the leading Rug Cleaning in Santa Monica companies in Santa Monica, we are dedicated to the complete care of your rugs. Green Carpet’s Cleaning has the latest cleaning technology and our technicians are prompt and respectful of your investments.
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