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Ways Dirty Carpets Can Harm Your Health

Consider the carpet to be clean. Reconsider your position.

Carpets can hide a lot of filth, bacteria, and allergens that are bad for your health, but they are still there and can be seen by the human eye. Poorly managed carpets can trap allergens and other particles such as dust mites, molds, pet hair, dead skin cells, bug excrement, and more.

Here are just three of the ways in which poorly maintained carpets can endanger your health.

The Primary Threat: a Weak Immune System
The immune system constantly eliminates dangerous foreign invaders like germs and poisons so that the body can remain healthy.

The immune system, however, might be compromised by the stress that comes from living in a dirty environment. The longer carpets aren’t cleaned, the longer bacteria can thrive there, and the longer your immune system has to work to keep you healthy.

Mycotoxins are among the most harmful microorganisms that can grow in unclean carpets. Mycotoxins come from a wide variety of molds. Mycotoxins are known to suppress the immune system, which can lead to a variety of health issues such as stomach infections, allergies, and respiratory disorders.

Second Risk: Skin Illnesses
Asthma and other skin conditions can be triggered by walking barefoot on a dirty carpet.

When you walk barefoot on a dirty carpet, bacteria and fungi can enter your body through cuts, wounds, or other skin openings and create an infection. This infection is commonly known as an athlete’s foot. Meanwhile, dirty carpets can trigger asthma episodes in sensitive people by trapping allergens in the dust and debris they produce.

Third Risk: Breathing Difficulties
Molds love the dark, moist environment provided by soiled carpets, which also harbor bacteria and allergies. When inhaled, it might result in flu-like symptoms and other respiratory disorders.

Because they feed on germs and fungi, dust mites love to live on filthy carpets. Dead dust mites that have settled into carpet fibers can irritate the eyes and nose and even cause rashes.

Asthma attacks can also be brought on by breathing in dirty carpet dust. Inhaling environmental triggers, such as the germs and chemicals present in carpets, can have a harmful impact on asthmatic patients.

The Proper Way to Maintain Clean Carpets
It’s vital to get your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis since they can trap dirt, bacteria, and other potentially hazardous particles.

Weekly vacuuming of the carpets is recommended. However, if your carpet has a lot of foot activity, you may need to clean it more frequently. When it comes to high-traffic carpets, some professionals recommend vacuuming them every day. However, once or twice weekly will do for regions with moderate to low foot activity.

Even after repeated vacuuming, some debris may remain embedded in the carpet’s fibers. To solve this problem, you need to use a carpet cleaning company. Carpets need to be professionally cleaned at varying intervals, with the frequency depending on factors like traffic. Some carpets need rigorous cleaning every six months, while others just require it once every two years.
Carpets are more than just a decorative element; they may also have a bearing on your well-being. Green Carpet’s Cleaning is the place to go if you want to learn more about carpet care. Our carpet cleaning and repair services can be tailored to meet your specific requests. Book the Same Day Carpet Cleaning Meiners Oaks for faster service .

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