Varieties of Carpeting and Their Materials

Warmth, coziness, comfort, and aesthetic appeal are just some of the benefits of having a carpet in the home. The appearance of your carpet is one of the first things guests will notice when they enter your home. Our carpet cleaning professionals have laid out brief information about each type of carpet and its specifications in this blog to save you the trouble and frustration of deciding properly and avoiding an error.

Variety of Carpets and Their Various Materials!

Synthetic carpet
Synthetic carpets, which are typically made from a polyester blend, require routine upkeep. To put it simply, the more frequently you clean this type of carpet, the better it looks for a longer period.

Nylon carpets are extremely resilient and durable because their fibers are densely packed together. They are also highly resistant to abrasion and have excellent structure retention, so they will keep their original form.

The most efficient method for cleaning a wool carpet is with a vacuum. The use of alkaline cleaning products should be avoided if more thorough cleaning is desired. The reason for this is that wool absorbs a lot of water and is therefore less practical for outdoor use.

Jute and other natural fibers
Carpets made of natural fibers like jute or wool are much softer than synthetic carpets like nylon or wool. But a hoover will take care of the majority of the routine cleaning tasks. Cleaning experts from Green Carpets recommend using a fan or turning on the air conditioner to hasten the process.

Carpets from Persia
These exquisite rugs take years, if not decades, to complete because they are woven by hand from the highest quality wool and silk. This carpet style is extremely expensive because of its rarity, and it must be carefully maintained to preserve its value.

You should now sweep your carpet. Instead of beating the carpet to remove dirt, we at Green Carpet’s Cleaning recommend using a soft-bristled brush. In this way, the carpet’s fibers will be protected from deterioration, extending its useful life.

Orient Carpet
Oriental carpets are a type of carpet that is traditionally hand-knotted and hand-woven in countries across the Middle East and Asia. These come in a variety of styles and are often given names that refer to the location where they were woven.

A Plush Silk Rug
Silk carpets, with their softness and smooth, shimmering appearance, are in a league of their own among carpet materials. Fibroin is a beneficial protein that gives them superhuman strength.

Berber Carpet
Cleaning a Berber carpet is a herculean task. Because there are different types of Berber carpet (olefin/polyester, nylon, woolen), it’s important to know which one you have.

Flokati Rugs
Wool is used to creating the shaggy appearance of a flokati carpet. It is similarly thick, fluffy, and velvety to the touch.

Carpet cleaning is a specialty of ours, and we take pride in providing you with freshly cleaned carpets in a reasonable amount of time. We only employ cutting-edge procedures, and highly effective, high-quality, and eco-friendly materials.

As you can see for yourself, cleaning procedures for various carpet types vary. So why risk it by going to a carpet cleaner near you when you can take advantage of our many options instead? In a short time, you’ll have a completely tidy carpet that’s ready to be used and also shown off. Book a Same Day Carpet Cleaning Moraga Moraga Service at Green Carpet’s Cleaning

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