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Protecting your carpet investment requires regular maintenance. The benefits include keeping it in perfect shape and making it last longer. Everyday vacuuming is one of the best things you can do for your carpets. This will help get rid of dirt and other things on the surface of the carpet before they can get deeper into the fibers. It doesn’t make much sense to vacuum if your vacuum isn’t good enough. A big part of keeping your carpets clean is having the right tools. You should clean your vacuum once a month to keep it in top shape. At Green Carpet Cleaning, we’d like to give you some tips on how to keep your vacuum cleaner.

How to keep a vacuum’s filters, hoses, brushes, and other parts clean, whether the vacuum is bagged or not.
Among the most important things for vacuuming are: To quickly vacuum the house, you’ll need the following things.
Dishwashing Liquid, Mild Dusting Cloth, Cotton, and Dry Compressed Air Can
Changed the filter (if applicable – should be done every 6 months)
The Cutters are a screwdriver that fits into the hex sockets on your vacuum.
How to use the vacuum cleaner
Get rid of the parts that don’t fit. To start, take apart everything that needs to be washed or cleaned. You can take out the secondary cyclone, dust bin, pre-motor filter, all attachments, roller, HEPA post-motor filter, and any other pieces that are specific to your vacuum. If you need help, you should be able to find it in the vacuum’s manual.
Method Three: Use a vacuum to wash and dry parts Check the manual to see if you need to take off any screws or other fasteners before putting any removable parts into the soapy water. Most vacuums can be cleaned with soap and water in the dust bin, pre-motor filter, extension wands, and secondary cyclone. Set on a towel to dry in the air after a good wash. Parts that can’t be put in water should be dusted with a dry cloth. The manufacturer recommends that you change the HEPA filter in your vacuum every 6 months. Before putting the parts back together, they must all be completely dry. In an ideal world, this would take a whole night, but it could take longer if necessary.

Fourth, the device has a sealed vacuum chamber inside. When you dust, the inside of the vacuum gets dirty because the dust bin isn’t properly sealed. To get rid of the dust, blast the vacuum with a can of pressurized air. Please keep in mind that this process will make a lot of dust fly into the air. If you have dust allergies or are sensitive to dust, use the vacuum outside, where the dust can spread out more quickly and not come back inside, while you wear a face mask or a handkerchief over your mouth and nose and eye protection.

Fifth, use a screwdriver to unscrew the floor brush’s housing and pull out the rotating brush. Put the brush back together and give it a good wash. Get out the scissors and untangle the hair and ribbons that are wrapped around the cylinder. After making a cut in the middle, you can pull the pieces off with your fingers.

Before putting the rotating brush back on in step 6, check the small circular air hole. Here is a place where the suction that picks up dirt and dust can move easily. Make sure there are no obstacles in your way and use a toothbrush to clean your teeth as you go. In the same way, take out any things that are in the way of the suction hose.

Once you’re sure all the parts of the vacuum are dry, you can put it back together and, if you need to, put in a new post-motor filter. If you were able to put your vacuum back together and clean the outside, you are done. Book a Carpet Cleaning Near Me Bell Bell now .

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