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Top Five Simple Tips for Cleaning Your Furnace Air Filters

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Westwood — You should clean and inspect your furnace air filters on a regular basis as part of your home maintenance. Air filters are essential to remove particles from the air and maintain optimum indoor air quality. To ensure its effectiveness, it should be carefully maintained and tested on a regular basis. To begin, you should regularly inspect your gas equipment.

Air filters should be cleaned and replaced on a regular basis. Examine a furnace that has its filters clogged. As the lifespan of your furnace falls, so do their heating bills. At the very least once a month, inspect and check your new filters. At least twice a month throughout the year, inspect them.

If you have permanent filters, make sure they’re cleaned and washed once a month. Electronic air cleaner filters should be cleaned and washed once or twice a month at the very least. When inspecting the blower motor, it’s crucial to cut off the power. Replace your furnace belt as quickly as possible if it’s cracked or damaged. Make sure the part you’re changing is the correct one. Having a spare belt on hand is usually a smart idea. Make sure the power is turned off before making any changes or adjustments. Keep a watchful check on the motor while oiling the fan monitor. This feature isn’t available on many furnaces.

Additionally, ensure that the blower fan’s fins are dust-free and filth-free when inspecting the fan or blower. Examine the frame or casing of the fan for any debris. When checking on the dehumidifier, make sure you set the proper humidity level to save money on heating. It is suggested that you clean your humidifier once a month. However, if you have hard water, you should check it more often. The pad or wick in your humidifier should be replaced once a year. The chimneys and vents must be inspected. However, you should first inspect your chimney or vent to see whether it is clogged with debris. If you have a metal chimney, prime it with an outdoor primer before painting it with outdoor latex paint.

It is recommended that you keep the area around your furnace clean and neat. Substances, paint strippers, paint thinners, chlorine, kerosene, gasoline, and other similar chemicals should be kept out of the furnace room as much as possible. Remove any obstacles that can come in the way of your inspection of the furnace.

These are just a few ideas on how to use air filters to maintain the dust-free home air you’ve always desired.

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