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Top 5 Tips for Cleaning Furnace Air Filters

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Lancaster — When it comes to household maintenance, you must make sure that your furnace air filters are clean and monitored periodically. Air filters are necessary for eliminating particles from the air in order to maintain a decent indoor air quality. In addition, it should be thoroughly taken care of and it should be tested once in a while to ensure its efficiency. First and foremost, your gas equipment should be inspected on a regular basis.

It is highly recommended that you clean and update your air filters. Consider a furnace with clogged filters. They raise your heating costs while reducing the life expectancy of your furnace. At least once a month, inspect and check your replacement filters. Check them at least twice a month throughout the heating or cooling seasons.

If you have permanent filters, make sure to clean and wash them once a month. Filters for electronic air cleaners should be cleaned and washed once or twice a month. When checking on the blower motor, be sure that you have shut off the electric power first before working on the motor. Replace your furnace belt as soon as possible if it is cracked or damaged. And be sure that the part you are utilizing for replacement is the proper part. It is good to have a spare belt on hand at all times. Be cautious to turn off the power first before making any adjustments or modifications. When oiling the fan monitor, constantly inspect the motor critically. There are several furnaces that do not require lubrication. However, most of the fan motors need regular oiling.

In addition, when examining the fan or blower, make sure that the fins on the blower fan are dust-free and have no dirt on them. Make sure that the frame or housing of the fan is free of debris. When checking on the dehumidifier, make sure that you set the proper humidity level to save on heating expenses. It is advised that you clean your humidifier one a month. However, if you are using hard water, you need to check on it more often. You should replace the pad or wick of your humidifier once a year. It is important to check the chimneys and vents. But before that, you should examine whether your chimney or vent is obstructed with debris. If you have metal chimneys, paint the exposed metal chimney with an outdoor primer then apply outdoor latex paint to inhibit rust.

It is advised that you keep your furnace area clean and tidy. As much as possible, do not store chemicals, paint strippers, paint thinners, chlorine, kerosene, gasoline and other similar chemicals in the furnace room. Remove any obstructions that could get in the way when you are examining the furnace.

These are just some of the tips that you can follow in order to maintain that dust-free household air that you have always wanted using air filters.

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