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The seasons affect carpet cleaning demand.

There are pros and cons to having your carpet cleaned in the spring instead of the fall or in the summer instead of the winter. Seasonal changes can make it harder to clean your carpets and throw off your plans. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide when the best time is to clean your carpet, but it doesn’t hurt to know everything.

Carpet Maintenance in the Spring

As the weather warms up in the spring after a long, cold winter, it’s painfully clear how much salt and dirt have been tracked into the house and stuck in the carpets. There are also problems that are unique to spring: If you open your windows to let in the breeze, you may feel better, but you also let in allergens like pollen and mold spores, as well as more dirt. Also, if you haven’t used your air conditioner in more than a year, turning it on will bring in a stream of old air. Allergens can get stuck in your carpets and rugs and then move around your house.

It might not make sense to have your carpets cleaned in the spring when rainy weather brings even more dirt into the picture. But the dirt that has built up in your carpet fibers over the winter will only get deeper when the weather gets warmer. If cleaning the carpet is on your list of things to do for Spring Cleaning, you might want to put it off until the end of the season, when storms have passed and pollen counts are going down in preparation for summer vacation.

Why a clean carpet is important in the summer

Because of summer vacation, many families spend a lot of time away from home and in the great outdoors during the summer months. It might be best to have your carpets cleaned in the spring, after you’ve opened the windows and cleaned up the dust and pollen. Since you’ll be gone for a while, your clean clothes won’t get dirty. Remember not to waste your time and not to bring beach sand into the house.

Cleaning the carpets in the fall

At the same time you’re enjoying the fall weather and buying pumpkin-scented candles, you’re probably making plans for your family to stay with you over the holidays. Even though it’s great to have a clean house for your guests, you should also be ready for more people to come over. When you add this to the inevitable spills that happen when baking and cooking for the holidays, your freshly cleaned carpet might not last more than a day. Is it better to wait to clean the carpet until after the holidays? In the end, it’s up to you.

Winter is a good time to clean carpets.

When the holidays are over and everyone has gone home, you still have a few months to stay inside and sleep until spring. Even though the windows are closed and you won’t have to worry about more people coming in than usual, you’ll still be exposed to the same amount of dirt and pollen. When you have your carpets cleaned by a pro in the winter, you can breathe clean air without having to leave your warm home. If you put your shoes down carefully as soon as you walk in the door, you can keep your carpet clean for a whole season without worrying about dirt and salt coming in from outside.

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