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The Right Way to Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Pick the appropriate variety: Choose the kind of vacuum that is most appropriate for the flooring that makes up the majority of your home. When it comes to soil collection from hard surfaces, canister vacuums are typically more effective than upright vacuums with beater bars or attachments. On the other hand, cleaning rugs and carpeting is easiest when using an attachment or an upright vacuum with a beater bar.

Adjustable settings include: It is possible to wear out your carpet by overusing it. If your vacuum cleaner has multiple settings that allow you to customize how it works on different surfaces, you should not vacuum your carpet using the setting that is designed for bare floors. Instead, put it aside for when you get to the bare floors, as the instructions for the vacuum suggest.

Examine the height: Make sure the height settings on your vacuum are correct. This may have an effect on how well it cleans the carpet or how quickly it wears out. For instance, if it is set too low, you run the risk of causing damage to the carpet, the roller brush on the vacuum, or the drive belt. On the other hand, if the height of the vacuum is set too high, it won’t be able to pick up dirt very effectively. If you are unsure of how high or low you are vacuuming, start by turning the vacuum on at its highest setting and then gradually lowering it until you can feel the vacuum pulling at the carpet as you vacuum. This will tell you whether you are vacuuming too high or too low.

Go slowly: Slowly vacuuming will help capture more of the soil. You should move the vacuum a few feet ahead of you and then pull it back toward you while following the same path it took to get there. Overlapping the paths is something you should do whenever you move to a new section of the floor. First, move from one side of the room to the other (east to west), and then switch directions and work in the opposite direction (north to south).
Adjust the head: If you have an upright vacuum, adjusting the height of the vacuum head so that it is compatible with the type of flooring will provide you with better suction and allow you to capture more dirt.

Make ready the beater bar as follows: The beater bar should either be engaged or disengaged according to the type of floor surface. Dents and scratches may be caused on hard surface floors if the beater bar is left engaged during the cleaning process.

Additional Recommended Methods for Cleaning Carpet
When it comes to vacuuming, there are three additional guidelines that should be followed in general.

Take a moment to consider what’s hiding under your area rugs: Even though it is recommended that area rugs be vacuumed twice per week, you should still remove them once per week and give the flooring that is underneath them a thorough cleaning. Additionally, you should periodically flip the rug over and vacuum its backing using the upholstery attachment of your vacuum.
Choose a device that has a HEPA filter if you can: A HEPA filter, which stands for “High-Efficiency Particulate Air,” is designed to remove the maximum amount of dust, dander, spores, and bacteria from the air. When compared to a standard vacuum, a vacuum with a HEPA filter is capable of collecting significantly more particles and preventing those particles from redepositing on floors and other surfaces such as upholstery.

Be mindful of how you treat your vacuum: The constant accidental collisions with walls and furniture subject vacuum cleaners to a significant amount of wear and tear. It is important to be aware of several other things that you should not do in order to keep your machine in good working order. One of these things is to avoid vacuuming over any objects that are particularly hard or large. Additionally, you should avoid running the vacuum over the power cord, operating it while it is submerged in water, and allowing the vacuum to operate while the dustbin is already full.

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