The Question of How to Remove the Odor of Wet Carpets

Water damage is an annoyance that can occur as a result of bad weather or a household accident. But in most cases, the end product is awful. Not only will there be a lot of mess to clean up, but that unpleasant smell will linger long after you’ve mopped and wiped down every available surface.

Understanding what’s causing the musty smell in the carpet after it’s been wet is essential if you want to get rid of the problem. Keep reading to find out what causes damp carpet odor and how to eliminate it. There are some helpful hints and a wide variety of methods waiting for you.

When a carpet becomes wet, it can give off a foul odor for a number of reasons. Carpets can absorb odors into their fibers, which will then be transferred to the water and become detectable. In any case, the most common causes of a musty odor in carpets are:

* Low-quality goods: When wet, some low-quality carpets made in Asia on a massive scale by Asian mass producers give out scents reminiscent of fuel or burnt oil. The latex adhesive or coating used during production gives out a foul odor.

Accidental spills of milk, red wine, and sodas not only produce unsightly stains but also unpleasant odors that only get stronger with time and moisture.

Pet stains: urine, saliva, vomit, and fur all harbor bacteria that can produce an offensive odor.

* Mold and mildew: Water damage, leaks, and spills can leave behind moisture that becomes trapped in the carpet’s fibers or underlayment, fostering the growth of mold and mildew.

You should clean and disinfect your carpets very away if you don’t want to have to deal with unpleasant odors.

* Sprinkel with baking soda or borax
Baking soda’s cleaning properties are well-known. Every home has a box of baking soda stashed away somewhere, and its many uses include eliminating stains, neutralizing odors, and soaking up moisture.

Hair shampoo the floor
Although baking soda can be helpful, it may not be as effective in more serious cases. You might, alternatively, try a commercial carpet hair shampoo. The shampoo aisle is stocked with a wide variety of formulas.

Option for Professional Carpet Cleaning
Wet carpet odor, as we’ve seen, is a major threat to your family’s health. In cases where very minimal structural damage has occurred, homemade deodorizing and cleaning methods may be sufficient to eliminate the unpleasant odor and restore the carpet’s original appearance.

Deep carpet cleaning near me is available from professional cleaners like Green Carpet’s Cleaning, who use specialized equipment to remove stains and dirt. Professionals employ a hot water extraction cleaning method to eliminate lingering odors and unsightly stains by dissolving any germs present and then sucking out the resulting sludge, filth, and water.

The carpet should only be left mildly damp if the procedure is carried out correctly, in contrast to the much larger amounts of moisture that can be trapped in the rug even after it has been cleaned. After receiving a professional vapor cleaning, the carpet or rug will be free of bacteria and other impurities in about three to six hours, and the drying time is only three to six hours. Naturally, if you fling open some windows, turn on some fans, or crank up the temperature in the air conditioning, you can significantly reduce down on the length of time that you have to wait.
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