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The First Steps in Attic Renovation Projects

Same Day Carpet Cleaning San Marino— Not all homes with an attic will get the chance to convert such into a useful space like an entertainment room, a guest room or simply an additional area that you can utilize for personal use. Attic renovation projects could only be done if the space of that part of your house has the right measurement to be modified with the abovementioned plans.

Feasibility Study
You may hire a professional to look into your attic before even dreaming that it could become something that you want it to be. You can also do this procedure if you are knowledgeable about getting the sizes or the areas in the space provided. You need to get the area measured first and foremost.

Not because it looks large enough does it mean that it is possible to proceed. You need to think of the things and materials that would be added up to it once the project starts. These measurements need to be seen by the authorities once you get your planning permit and the list should meet the least local building prerequisites.

This process can also be done by the building inspector in your area. The person could guide you through the basic needs and requirements before you can proceed with the project. The inspector usually checks on the available headroom, the allowed volume of electrical passages, lighting conditions and ventilation sources among others.

You may also check out the local building code that can usually be requested at the local libraries.

Check on the Structure
One should inspect on the framing used in the construction of the attic to further know if it is feasible to do some grand renovations into it. Your roof should be supported by rafters for you to be able to consider pursuing with the plan. If the roof is supported by trusses, you should scrap the plan altogether because there might be not enough open space in the area.

But even though your attic got rafters as support, you would still need to inspect each for any leaks, damage like cracks, sagginess and the likes.

If the roof is at fault or you found it to have a water leakage, then you have to first change it or do some repairs before you could execute your renovation plans. This may add to the budget so you should be aware of the costs so you could be prepared with the right amount once you’ve started the ball rolling regarding the renovation.

Code Requirements
You need to follow rules especially regarding this matter because in any way, the code necessities must be met. If the attic is to be modified into a bedroom, a minimum of one exit from the outside is a must. This can be in the form of an egress window or stairs.

Additional windows or you can also install skylights in it to meet the required specs for ventilation and light purposes.

Mechanical Structures
There are elements in the attic that are immovable like the chimneys, so these need to be incorporated in your design. Electrical equipments and plumbing materials can be moved so these are easier to place out in the plan. Just a reminder about the chimney, though, check out your local codes for the allowed framing around such structures.

It is easier to precede with your attic renovation projects once you know that not only you are abiding rules but you are also on the right path of creating a safe space that you can utilize.

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