The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Attic Renovation San Dimas

The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Attic Renovation

Same Day Carpet Cleaning San Dimas— Everybody has a dream house, but people can’t help it that if they already have one, they want to keep it changing or modified. Change is good because this will not only improve your house appearance but will also strengthen it in the process. If you plan to have a do-it-yourself attic renovation, here are some notes to check out that might help you decide what and what not to do.

Attic Renovation might be the answer for homeowners who want extra space in the house to be used as rooms and utilize its function. But one cannot just go on with the modifications without looking at the project at every angle.

The Space and Framing
These are vital elements to your attic modification plan. You must first know how much space will be available once the desired change is done in the place and if that space fits what’s required by your local codes.

Rafters should be used as the framing for your roof and not trusses because the latter wouldn’t allow enough space for you to pursue with what you have in mind. If your attic is the type that is open, the roof should have braces that are either cross or tie for support. This will also be great to be used as installation for ceiling fans for added ventilation.

You should also refer to your local building codes about the required number of exits, windows and entrances to the attic are permitted. In most cases, one outdoor exit is enough, but the room has to get enough air through the windows and proper lighting.

The Headroom
This is the first measurement that should be considered when deciding on modifying your attic into a functional room. Make sure that people are able to stand and move freely in the space or else it will be uncomfortable, unsafe and not fit for everyone. Again, building codes has reference regarding the matter and one has to abide by such.

The Overall Look
If you decide on renovating the attic, consider each and every part of the house. Decide on depending how the modification will affect each. You should let a professional see your home to make sure if you can proceed with the project. One should always think of safety before pursuing with any plan.

So before you can change the attic, you have to strengthen the foundation first. See if the first floor has any cracks or leaks that may contribute to the sturdiness of the overall construction. See if it is safe to add electrical elements from the main floor up to the attic and study the safest way it could be done.

Anything that may contribute to the success of the plan should be looked at. You may even ask the help of building inspectors to be sure with what you’re doing. In the end, you will benefit from all these because your money wouldn’t be wasted and you’ll have an additional space in the house that is fully functional.

The most important thing to remember when you want a do-it-yourself attic renovation is to research on all the things that you have to know about before even drawing out a plan.

Read through books about design, browse though the local code requirements for safety and assurance and search the Web for practical ideas on how to go about it.

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