Green Carpets Cleaning

The Action Taken To Clean Carpets

If you need your carpets or upholstery cleaned, you should call the firm and ask about their cleaning procedure before making an appointment. In the end, it is your fragile furniture that is at stake here.

Machinery? This is a good option, therefore it’s worth your time to find out what kinds of tools they use. Many of the products marketed as “carpet cleaners” fall short of adequately eliminating dirt and debris from carpeting.

The carpet fibers will be freed of dirt and grime, and about 95% of the moisture will be extracted by our machinery. As a carpet cleaner, having access to a high-powered machine is crucial.

Sanitizing supplies? You could do permanent damage to your carpets and upholstery if you use the wrong products on them.

Our methodical cleaning process, which consists of a series of processes, consistently yields superior results.

An Examination Is The Initial Step
Before we clean your carpets, we give each one a careful once over, inspecting the backing and fibers and making a mental note of any small faults we find.

Dry Methods of Soil Extraction
We always start by pre-vacuuming each area of carpet individually. This is an essential part of the cleaning procedure that should never be skipped.

What makes this step so critical? Because up to 80% of the dry soil can be eliminated by using a commercial vacuum cleaner. Dry soil extraction performed by a pro at the outset of the process allows for a wonderful deep clean and a magnificent end result.

Third, we use a special pre-stain treatment.
Before we begin cleaning, we pre-treat every stain to ensure that it will be completely removed.

Professional pre-spraying is the fourth stage.
We use a special cleaning solution that breaks down dirt into tiny particles and kills any bacteria, fungi, or viruses that may be hiding in your carpet.

This revolutionary therapy is helpful for adults with asthma and other allergic reactions, while also being safe for infants and dogs. As a result, no potentially dangerous chemicals are used.

Pre-spraying all areas ensures that the carpet will be evenly coated.

Fifth, do some basic pre-grooming (Agitation)
Furthermore, it is of the utmost importance that we get to this point in our cleaning process. Exactly what does it mean to be agitated? Here, we employ a device that brushes the solution into all of the carpet threads, loosening and dissolving the dirt and other unwelcome so that they may be removed in the next step.

The sixth procedure entails rinsing and then extracting.
We’ve finally reached the exciting climax! Our carpet cleaning equipment is among the most powerful on the market.

If you want to learn more about this, I highly recommend checking out our Green Carpet Cleaning service. Plan for a Same Day Carpet Cleaning Fillmore provider that can come out the same day you call.

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