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Steps To Upholstery Cleaning

Same Day Carpet Cleaning La Puente — If you are in the carpet cleaning industry and are thinking about adding upholstery cleaning to your services this article is for you. It will tell you the basic steps involved in inspecting upholstery for cleaning. Read on and get a glimpse into the world of upholstery cleaning.

The first step in upholstery cleaning is identifying the material. I will just go over the basic types of material in this article and not go too in depth. First you will snip a piece of material from a hidden location. The best location is usually inside the zipper of a cushion where here is excess fabric. Now you will separate a thread and burn it. Basically if it burns it is a natural material and if it melts it is synthetic. If it burns quickly like a fuse it is rayon, if it burns slowly and leaves a gray ash it is cotton and wool is very obvious smelling like burnt hair. In general natural materials will be cleaned with a low moisture or dry method while synthetics can be wet cleaned.

The next step in upholstery cleaning is to test the dye stability of the fabric. You will take your cleaner of choice and test a hidden spot on the upholstery. You are looking to see if any of the dye transfers to a towel that you have wet with your cleaner. If the dye transfers you can not use that cleaner on the fabric. You will have to try another or you may not be able to clean a piece at all.

The final step is to look at the construction of the material. Look at how the fabric is constructed. What kind of backing it has and if there are any hidden dangers. Hidden dangers could be a colored thread running behind the surface, writing on the back of the material from the maker of the furniture or a sensitive latex backing on a fabric.

After you finish making all of these tests you will put all of your information together and determine which cleaning method is the best. As you can see, cleaning upholstery is not as easy as carpeting. It takes skill and some experience which is why anyone wanting to clean it should take the proper classes. So if you would like to add upholstery cleaning to your services you should first call your local supplier and find out about courses in your area. Good luck.

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