Steer clear of chemical spotters designed for carpet cleaning.

Our carpets are constantly coming into contact with different substances. You won’t be able to prevent most of the spots from appearing despite your best efforts. It is best not to use a carpet spotter to clean up any kind of mess on your carpet, whether it be from a beverage spill (like coffee or juice), dirt and grass stains that were tracked in, or even from cleaning up an accident caused by your pet. Rather than using products labeled as “carpet spotters,” it is in the best interest of your carpets to take a different approach to clean up these spills. Today, we at Green Carpet’s Cleaning would like to elaborate on the reasons why you should steer clear of these products in order to properly treat any spots that may develop on your carpets.

How exactly do carpet cleaning spotters get the job done?

The most significant problem that occurs when people use carpet spotters is that they do not use sufficient extraction for the product to be useful. Soap is typically the primary component of these spotters, which are designed to aid in the process of removing rooted soil that has accumulated to a significant depth in carpeting. There is some evidence that using these products can help remove some stains and soil, but if they are not extracted thoroughly, they will leave a soap residue behind. A brown stain will be left behind on your carpet as a result of soap’s natural ability to attract dirt and dust, which will then adhere to the carpet. In most cases, individuals treat stains by first spraying a solution onto the affected area and then using a cloth to scrub the area until they observe an improvement in the stain’s appearance. The vast majority of stains are able to be removed successfully; however, the carpet spotter will never be entirely eliminated from the surface. After some time, a brown spot appears on the region that was spot cleaned earlier. After using the carpet spotter, a soap scum residue is left behind, which attracts dirt and dust.

Why Chemical Spotters Bought in Stores Do Not Make for Effective Products to Remove Stains

Before you purchase a carpet spotter, it is important to read the label carefully. The majority of the time, the instructions will include language along the lines of “apply to spot prior to extraction cleaning.” When referring to a cleaning method, the phrase “extraction cleaning” suggests that the process involves the utilization of a steam machine or other high-powered equipment to remove the soil and stain. A regular vacuum is not designed to make clean extractions of these types, so it cannot accomplish this task. During the extraction cleaning process, a steam machine will typically remove the soil, stain, and carpet spotter from the carpet. If you do not have previous experience with this apparatus and do not intend to use it in conjunction with the carpet spotter, it is in your best interest to steer clear of using it in order to provide general care for your carpets.

Homemade Carpet Spot Cleaner

Use white vinegar and water in equal parts as a go-to cleaning solution that can safely treat most stains on your carpets. Use this solution on a regular basis. Vinegar is a natural substance, it does not pose any health risks, and it does not leave any soapy residue behind. Be sure to spray this solution onto the problem area, but avoid getting the area completely saturated. First, blot the stain with a clean, damp cloth, and then, immediately afterward, follow up with a dry towel to absorb as much moisture as you can. This concoction can be kept in the same place as your other cleaning supplies, making it convenient to have on hand in case of any accidents that occur on your carpets.

In the event that the vinegar mixture fails to remove a stubborn stain, you should contact Green Carpet’s Cleaning as soon as possible. The tough stains on your carpets can be effectively removed by our trained professionals who will use our high-powered extraction equipment in conjunction with our high-quality cleaning products. Contact us today and book a Same Day Carpet Cleaning Lafayette Lafayette Service.

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