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Should you fix up your old rug?

Should you fix or leave your old area rugs alone?
When it comes to old rugs, one of the most common questions we get is about whether or not they should be fixed. Most of the time, the answer to this question is based on how much the rug is worth, not how good it looks.

This question seems simple, but it’s actually very complicated and depends on a lot of things. But it’s important to remember that fixing a rug does make it less valuable. There is a chance that the value of your carpets will go up after they are cleaned. In some cases, the repair may lower the value of your carpets, especially if it wasn’t done well.

So, the natural question to ask next is:

How to fix your rugs and when you should do it
Is it possible at all to fix the carpet? This should be the first question. If “future value” is the question, the answer will depend on how likely it is that the carpet’s value will go up or stay the same.

This is a pretty broad topic because every rule has some exceptions. Modern rugs don’t have much history or value, so restoring them isn’t really worth the time or money. But if you like the carpet, the rug is important to you, and you have the money to fix it, go ahead and do it.

When it comes to repairing old area rugs, things get more complicated. When it comes to Persian and Oriental rugs, their value is based on more than just how old they are. The price of a rug is based on its age, where it came from, its condition, and how much people are willing to pay for similar rugs on the market.

It’s likely to be good for your wallet to fix a rug:
Rare and historically important carpets, like those from the Safavid Dynasty or the Mamluk period, are more likely to increase in value over time.
Mashahir rugs, vase carpets, and tree-of-life carpets are all examples of carpet designs that are more likely to increase in value.
The market value of a rug made by a skilled weaver like Haji Jalili, Ustad Mohtashem, or Kermani will depend on how well it is made and how good its condition is.
The value of better carpets from places like Tabriz, Bidjar, Kashan, and Heriz tends to stay high for a longer time.
When it comes to popular tribal carpets, like those made by the Berber tribes in Morocco, it’s important to think about how much it would cost to fix them.
Remember that these are just general rules that don’t say anything about the real value of any particular carpet.

Most of the time, it’s best to keep a carpet in good shape if you want its value to stay the same or go up. It is also best to have a professional who knows how to take care of high-end rugs and clean the rug.

Never take a rug to a regular dry cleaner. There are chemicals in dry cleaning methods that can hurt or change the color of carpets. To protect your investment, only let someone who knows how to clean antique and expensive carpets clean them.

It’s important to take good care of something as valuable as this. Carpet Cleaning Near Me Suisun City Suisun City Green Carpet’s Cleaning can come to help you clean it. They can clean your carpet or rug on the same day.

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