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When it’s time to clean an rug, some Homeowners wonder if they ought to get it dry cleaned. We choose clothes and our clothes to the dry cleaner, so shouldn’t we take our rug there, also?

Dry Cleaning Does Not Get Your Rug Clean

The materials used in dry cleaning, namely foam and dry Chemicals and chemicals, shouldn’t be used on most types of area rugs. Dry cleaning methods simply do not get Persian and Oriental area rugs clean. To start, no cleaning process will wash or clean your rug in any way. The dry chemicals are placed on the rug’s surface where they will stay and form a residue that will wind up bringing more dust and dirt. Moreover, whether the compounds sit on the surface of the rug, or worse, burrow deep in its fibers, these chemicals will be introduced into the environment of your home, and some other pets or children who play on the rug is going to be exposed to them. In order to be really clean, your rug needs to experience a series of significant steps: It ought to be vigorously dusted, then washed in a rug bath, then thoroughly rinsed, possibly even several times, prior to being dried in a drying room.

Dry Cleaners May Subcontract Your Rug Cleaning

Dry cleaners will not really clean your rug themselves. Rather, they will ship your rug into a subcontractor to clean. While in some ways, this may be better than if they were to dry clean your rug themselves, subcontracting poses a threat to you as the rug proprietor, since you cannot vet that subcontractor. You may spend time researching what you think is a dry cleaning company for the rug, only to have the firm turn around and send your rug to an subcontractor. The next time you’re tempted to take your rug to a cleaning firm take your rug to the finest Rug Cleaning in Valyermo company in your region. The proper way to clean an Asian area rug would be by hand in a rug bath, and this takes training and a technical knowledge that is different from the knowledge required to clean your tops.

Here’s what Green Carpet’s Rug Cleaning will do:

They will have trained and skilled technicians that specialize In rug care.
They will actually wash your rug. Your rug will be Submerged cleaned and cleaned, and any particular treatments you ask will be implemented during the cleaning procedure.

They’ll clean your rug within their shop. They Won’t Pass your rug to a subcontractor. When you call your Rug Cleaning in Valyermo firm to prepare your appointment, ask if you’re able to tour the cleaning center!
Specialized rug care and cleaning.

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