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Should I Start A Carpet Cleaning Franchise

Carpet Cleaning Westlake Village — If you have decided to start a Carpet Cleaning Westlake Village business you have one important question to ask yourself. Should I go with a franchise or remain independent? This is an important decision and depends on a number of different factors. Keep reading and get some tips that will hopefully help you make up your mind.

Franchises are great but they are not for everyone and they do have some drawbacks. For example, you will have to pay franchise fees for the life of your business. You will also have to purchase only the equipment and chemicals that they allow and usually you must buy it from the franchiser for a premium. This can grow old quickly, especially after you have become established. If you ever decide to drop the franchise you would basically have to start over from scratch as your customer list would belong to them. Sounds pretty bad, right. Well there are also some big advantages to choosing a franchise. You have a much higher success rate since the franchise has already learned how to market and run the business. You just have to follow their business model and you are almost guaranteed to be a success. Also, do not underestimate the power of a trusted name. Name recognition can mean everything. If you plan on entering the water damage restoration area this is also very important if you want to become a preferred vendor of the insurance companies.

So what about going the independent route. This has a number of advantages. For example, you can choose to use the equipment and supplies that you want and you can shop around for the best price. The biggest advantage though is the fact that you keep all of the profits. The disadvantage are numerous also however. You have to learn for yourself. All of the mistakes that a franchisor has already made are there for you to make. You might not think that you will make mistakes, but you will.

Obviously this is a big decision for you to make. Take the time to weigh all of the options and decide which way is the right one for you. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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