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Seagrass Area Rugs

Rug Cleaning Manhattan Beach – Made from 100% natural woven ocean- weed fiber, seagrass area rugs have latex as its backing support. It is actually a salt marsh wild plant that grows in paddy fields. After it is harvested, the long strands are dried under the heat of the sun and eventually spun into yarns. The threads are tufted into a diversity of styles in order to generate a smooth broadloom with a lasting finish.

Seagrass area rugs are only available in its ordinary hue with light green and deep beige strands that have an organic emerald cast becoming not as much of the shade overtime. The end products have a non-porous surface that provides that sheer even texture and slight innate luster. Another good thing is that its reeds are dense and firm making it arguably durable. It is also treated with stain- resistant so when there spills or stains, it is very easy to clean, restoring it to its original beauty.

Athena Collection manufactured by Hellenic Rug Imports Inc. is constructed from 100% pure wool pile with jute as its backing. Its milieu is any shade from the Rhodes set. There are two options for binding, either the genuine cotton or synthetic leather. For washing, use mild detergent or let a professional for assurance. Sizes available are in a maximum of 12 feet width with lead times of four weeks. It is sold at $11 to $839, depending on the dimension where you can save 10% from the regular price.

Bali Collection manufactured by Momeni Inc. offers the finest quality of jute mats that are printed in designs of transitional look or traditional feel. It features tropical themes in warm earthy tones. Accents with olive, medium brown, sage, light green and rust, it can also be perfect for embellishments in a country- style home.

Bombay Collection manufactured by Kas Oriental Inc. is dyed having that inherent sisal that is sewn similar that of a wicker basket. Finished with soft fabric edges and latex backing, it has a textured weave with a supple shade palette that is mixed in order to craft an elegant yet unfussy ambiance. The colors available are black, khaki, brown and gold in either Panama or Herringbone types. It is sold at $90 to $388, depending on the dimension where you can save 10% from the regular price.

Coastal Collection manufactured by Chandra Rugs Inc. offers materials that are processed manually by the skilled artisans in India. Its seagrass area rugs have borders of cotton where the colors available are orange, green, red and yellow in Coastal type.

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