Rugs The Classic Choice Manhattan Beach

Rugs: The Classic Choice

Rug Cleaning Manhattan Beach — It is history and centuries of craftsmanship woven together, spread out in the middle of your living room floor. It could be a magnificent colored canvas that speaks of age and timelessness, adding a breath of the classic to the modern structure that is your home.

Kings and queens could have reclined on one such rug at one time, while the secrets its making remain closely guarded among the tribesmen working quietly in the remotest regions of what is now known as the carpet capital of the world – Iran.

Carpets take years to weave one, and it is all done meticulously excruciatingly by hand. It is made of authentic natural wool, silk, cotton, or a combination of these materials.

For these reasons, a Persian carpet has been long regarded as precious. The least expensive costs around $200, while a 4 x 6 ft piece that took a family in the city of Qum at least a couple of years to create would be sold for $4,000 – $5,000. As for antique pieces of rugs that are preserved in the museums, the figure would simply be astronomical.

The modern carpets or rugs may not have the sense of history like Persian carpets, but they can just as effectively meet a homeowner’s requirements.

Rugs, a smaller version of carpets – are for specific areas, with standard sizes varying from 3 x 5 ft to 9 x 12 ft. The smallest rug is similar in size to a coffee table. In effect, a rug is simply a patch over a certain perimeter. It can be spread under a particular piece of furniture, as opposed to a carpet, which may cover the entire floor.

Experts say that rugs are totally made for accents, aesthetics, to soften the look of a room. They can also be used for comfort as some people find it uncomfortable to walk on a wooden floor.

Rugs, as well as carpets, can provide some means of safety or heighten the sensuality factor in certain parts of the house.

Today’s modern rugs are available in three yarn categories:

1. Wool

It is a natural fiber. It is softer and naturally resilient. If a person step on it, it bounces back. It does not look worn after time has passed.

Wool rugs also have a safety attribute that homeowners would welcome. They are naturally “flame-retardant.” If something burns them, it just scorches the surface. If a cigarette is accidentally dropped on the rug, for example, that particular spot will blacken out but it will not burn or melt.

2. Nylon

It has the same flame-retarding quality, but when burned, it will turn “plasticize” and emit fumes, which could linger for some time, particularly in a closed room.

3. Polypropylene

It is the least expensive among the three. It is neither as soft as flame-retardant as wool and nylon. However, there are currently treatments to make it achieve what wool and nylons can do.

Modern rugs can last up to 20 years, needing only occasional cleaning. Experts recommend that it is best not to shampoo rugs right away. Just vacuum it regularly, depending on the foot traffic it is exposed to.

Finally, try to keep in mind that when you are set to purchase a rug, try to ask yourself some questions like, “Where will it be used?” or “What will it be used for?”

Having carefully taken all those things into account, you should then have a clear idea of the kind of rug that would make a worthy addition to your home.

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