Rugs, Rugs And Rugs…Where’d They Come From?

Rug Cleaning Manhattan Beach – Rugs are nice to look at and comfortable to walk on. Rugs can really help define a home and especially a room. A well chosen rug can help bring out the wall color and furniture of any room. Rugs come in many different styles and colors today. The quality of rugs, Persian rugs and even kids rugs is excellent, allowing for years of enjoyment.

Generally darker color rugs hide dirt better than lighter colors and be sure and keep in mind the overall decorative theme of the room you’re placing the rug in.

Originally rugs were woven to protect the body from cold, to be spread on a dais or before a seat of honor, to cover a table, couch, or wall, or to form the curtains of a tent. There is evidence of the existence of hand-woven carpets in antiquity. Evidence of the early use of rugs is seen in the drawings on the ancient palace walls of ancient cities.

In North America the Navajos and other tribes have for generations produced substantial rugs without piles, woven somewhat in the manner of tapestry on simple handlooms.

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