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Methods for Cleaning a Shag Rug

Designers have welcomed various products, from fleece to leather, as well as every hue imaginable. However, area rugs are more frequently supplied than wall-to-wall carpeting. Shag carpets are warm and also soft underfoot, adding a designer touch, and making them a win-win for interior design.

Shag carpets actually require considerably more maintenance to appear beautiful than thinner, flatter rugs because of the extended, nurtured heap. Longer fibers have a greater capacity to collect dust and debris than flat weaves. The good news is that cleaning shag rugs is simple and only takes a short amount of time.

How Often Should You Clean a Shag Rug?
A shag or frieze pile rug that sees regular foot traffic should ideally be cleaned every day to keep the pile fluffy and to get rid of dirt and debris, especially if you have dogs. Realistically, the rug needs to be vacuumed many times every week to keep it tidy.

Spills and stains should be blotted up as soon as they occur and then handled on the spot. If you have kids or pets in the house, a more thorough deep cleaning once a month or as needed is advised by a professional like Green Carpet’s Cleaning.

Shag Rug Cleaning Procedures

Shake the dirt off.
Take the rug outside and give it a good shake if it is small enough to be picked up easily. Another approach to get rid of dirt and dirt embedded in the fibers is to hang the rug over a sturdy clothesline or railing and beat it with a mop or an old tennis racket. There will be an incredible amount of dirt expelled.

Rug Vacuum Cleaning

Using a cylinder vacuum with the hose and upholstery attachment is the best method for vacuuming a shag rug since the softer suction will prevent the rug loopholes from being dragged too forcefully. If your vacuum is only upright, place the cleaning head to the highest stack position, then disengage the beater bar. Do not use your vacuum on a shag rug if it cannot make these modifications.

Using the proper vacuum cleaner configurations, suction out both the dust and the grime. Use a grid and overlap each stroke to produce the best results. Turn the rug over, adjust the vacuum settings to the lowest pile, engage the beater bar, and suction the bottom to remove any embedded dust. Don’t forget to vacuum the flooring that is beneath the rug as well.

Examine and address stains
Reverse the rug and also look for any stains there may be. Treat the affected areas in accordance with the requirements for tarnish eradication for specific stains. By adding a few drops of dishwashing liquid to a cup of warm water, many stains can be eliminated. Rub the stain gently while drenching a microfiber towel or soft brush in the solution. Finish by blotting the carpet with a dry towel after rinsing the area with clean water and a clean towel.

To dry the rug as quickly as possible, hang it up to dry or elevate the cleaned area so air can circulate around the wet region.

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