Rug problems and How to Prevent Them

Having a new carpet laid in your home is an exciting project that can completely transform the look and feel of any space. Maintaining your carpet properly will ensure that it lasts as long as possible, which is especially important because carpets may be expensive. We’ve compiled a list of issues that frequently arise with carpets in homes and provided solutions to those issues.

Thinning out too soon

We are not commenting on the baldness of your husband’s head, but rather on the carpet’s premature wear. You can usually blame the underlay of your carpet when this happens. The carpet underlay serves to provide a soft landing for your feet when you walk across it. You may want to check the underlayment to see if that’s the problem with your carpet wearing out so quickly.

The solution is to carefully evaluate the underlay when next buying a carpet. Many different kinds of underlays are available, from foam to natural rubber. To further reduce noise transfer between floors, you may choose to install acoustic underlay. The company that supplied your carpets should have useful suggestions.

Thinning of the piles

Your carpet’s pile describes the fibers themselves, including their length, composition, and density. If you compare a shag carpet to an Axminster carpet, you’ll notice that the former has longer fibers. The pile thickness of a carpet is most likely to diminish in high-traffic areas if the incorrect carpet type was installed there. Always let the carpet salesman know where the carpet will be installed before making a purchase. Whether or not it is a high-traffic area, and whether or not you have young children or pets.

Fortunately, there are just two options for fixing this issue. If you’ve had your carpet for a while, replacing it with something new could be the best option, but you can always add an area rug on top of it in the meanwhile. The addition of an area rug to a room can make it look modern and interesting. Various shapes, sizes, and hues make it a desirable choice.

Dents in the furniture

Your heavy dresser or corner sofa has probably not produced indentations in the carpet unless you decide to rearrange your furniture. Carpets of inferior quality can suffer more from these. Don’t be hesitant to consult with your carpet retailer for advice on finding a carpet that will hold up to the wear and tear of heavy furniture.

To avoid this, you can spread out any dents by moving your furniture ever-so-slightly on a regular basis. Don’t just hang out in one spot the whole time. Furniture cups can also be used as an alternative, and are designed to fit under the legs of various pieces of furniture. At long last, you can always put a rug under your furniture to protect the carpet.

Proactively seek advice on the type of carpet that would work best in the room you intend to put it in. Your carpet will thank you for this next piece of advice: vacuum regularly. To get the best results, you should vacuum your carpet every day, but at the very least you should do so once a week. Last but not least, have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year or more often if they get a lot of use. To schedule an appointment or get a free estimate, dial (800) 449-4304 to reach Green Carpet’s Cleaning. Get a Same Day Carpet Cleaning Walnut Creek service at Green Carpet’s Cleaning.

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