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Our team at Green Carpet’s Cleaning is offering you a Hot Water Extraction cleaning method with the most efficient and up to date equipment available on the market to deep cleanse your rugs. Our use of organic, non-harmful materials that are environmentally friendly to your Rugs, your health , your Family and pets. We have a very flexible schedules and we provide same day service. Let our friendly technicians take care of the process from start to finish! Fastest turnaround times in the industry thanks to our advanced drying technology. We perform rug cleaning in Atwood using natural products. Licensed, Insured and Top Rated Rug Cleaning. 100% Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Free Pick & Delivery

Rug Cleaning

Does a rug needed to be cleaned more often? Know here…

Green Carpet’s Cleaning is giving you a Free Pickup and Delivery service to show more value to our customers. Our Rug cleaning service is unlike carpet cleaning in that we can pickup and deliver the rug as to not disturb your busy life. We have warehouses within Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura County as well as in San Francisco and San Jose California. We will drop off your rugs to our nearest warehouse from your area and once thoroughly cleaned and dried, we will package it carefully and  transport it back to your location. 
We can restore and beautify your rugs.
All our certified technicians are properly trained and professionals. We all have complete and high technology equipment to provide the high quality and outstanding service to all our customers. Let us do the cleaning for you. Book Your Same Day Service Rug Cleaning in Atwood!

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Area Rug Cleaning Atwood

Area rugs are the best choice you can make for your bedroom, family room, and other areas where you need warmth underfoot. Area rugs come in many sizes and shapes. They are typically made of a range of different materials. The type of fiber, the process of dyeing fibers and the ingredients that make up the dye, are important details that help determine the correct method for cleaning the rugs. 
Our credentials are your proof that we’re skilled in all aspects of Persian rug cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning and General rug cleaning in Atwood. We perform an in-depth inspection on all area rugs to assess the fabric, the condition, figure out the exact type of dye that was used to give the rug its color, and look for any spots, stains or damage.

Types of Rugs We Clean

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pakistani rug
heirloom rug
native american rug
oriental rug
cowhide rug
sheepskin rug

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