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Reasons Why Your Carpet Smells

Because they absorb the smells from their surroundings, carpets smell. A significant factor in the development of unpleasant odors in carpet fibers and the underlayment that supports them is moisture. Pet messes, spills, and standing water are all absorbed by carpets, leaving behind an unpleasant odor. Mold and mildew in carpeting or the padding beneath can be extremely dangerous to your health. When there is significant humidity, the carpet also collects moisture from the air. As a result, scents that are in the air, like smoke, end up trapped in the carpet. Mold and mildew can form after moisture penetrates the carpet and below it, which compounds or causes foul odors.

The health risk that mold and mildew in your carpet present is by far the biggest issue. A horrible substance is growing where you can’t see it, perhaps under the carpet padding, and the musty, moldy smell is the late warning sign.

Every concrete slab contains moisture. The slab may occasionally constantly absorb moisture from a subsurface moisture source. The extra moisture will evaporate if the slab is able to hold more moisture than its surroundings. It might all be absorbed by the carpet underlayment, which could result in mold or mildew. Additionally, moisture may penetrate the carpet fibers.

When your carpet absorbs moisture from any source, the scents that go along with it can come with it. The odors endure in the carpet fibers as they dry. So, a foul carpet may be caused by rainwater that has been tracked in by wet boots or that has leaked in from the roof. Any kind of accident, leak, flood or even excessive humidity can leave the carpet with moisture that it can absorb.

One reason for carpet odors that people hardly ever consider is this. After years of use, you can tell when a patch in your carpet starts to wear thin. Well, the fibers release their own “old carpet” odor as they degrade. Unfortunately, if an older carpet hasn’t been cleaned frequently enough over the years, it may begin to smell.

This isn’t really a big secret, though. House pets that urinate or otherwise damage your carpet also leave foul scents behind.

Your carpet will collect smoke if you have a fireplace or smokers living there. It can be difficult, if not occasionally impossible, to get rid of this odor. Instead of filling the space, fireplace smoke should largely rise through the chimney flue. It helps if the flue is kept clean. Other than quitting smoking, there isn’t much that can be done to reduce cigarette or cigar smoke.

You could require expert assistance if the carpet smells bad and there isn’t a clear immediate cause. Although carpet shampoos are available, your standard residential vacuum won’t be able to remove a deep-wet cleaning agent. A commercial carpet cleaner may be rented. If you wish to perform routine wet carpet cleaning, you should think about purchasing one.

Additionally, you could employ a specialist Carpet Cleaning Near Me Westwood company. When carpet cleaning is done improperly, following a professional cleaning, the odors in your carpet will only get worse. This could occur if the carpet cleaner doesn’t correctly remove enough of the water they added while cleaning the carpet. Employ one that uses Eco-friendly solutions such as Green Carpet’s Cleaning to ensure a good result in your carpets.

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