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Putting down carpet in a finished basement

Most basements are cold and need some way to warm them up. This is why putting carpet in your basement is such a good idea. There are many options for basement carpets, but you need to make a smart choice because the best carpet for your basement will depend on how it is set up. A finished basement can make a big difference in how your family lives. With a finished basement, you can add a second place to hang out, make a separate living space for your family, or give your kids a place to relax. Carpet adds warmth and comfort to a finished basement. However, if you don’t use the right carpet pad, the smell of water rising through the concrete could be a problem.

The basement will stay the warmest because it has carpet from floor to ceiling, which will keep the cold concrete from getting in. If you decide to use carpet, choose one with a short pile and dark spots to hide dirt and keep puppy nails from getting stuck in it. Even though the Berber feels and looks good for a bedroom, keep it. If your carpet gets wet, it will be much easier to get the water out of a carpet with a shorter nap than a plush Berber carpet.

If you want to cover a concrete floor with a carpet pad, look for one that doesn’t smell or get damaged by water. You can put any carpet in the basement that you would use in another room. Most pads are open-cell pads, which are better at insulating and less expensive than closed-cell pads. If you’re worried about moisture, use an open-cell pad so the concrete can “breathe.” Some pads also have an odor guard or barrier made of a film that helps get rid of smells that can sometimes come from basement floors. You can buy these pads at carpet stores, and they cost between $1 and $2 more per square yard than regular pads.

Most problems with basement carpeting are caused by water in the form of high humidity, leaks, or flooding that happens over and over again. When there is still water in the carpet, mold is a given. Don’t worry, though! If your basement doesn’t stay wet all the time, you could still put the carpet down. Experts in carpet cleaning near me, like Green Carpet’s Cleaning, can also help you take care of your carpet investment.

Organic carpets take a long time to dry out because the materials used to make them soak up water. Because of this, they don’t belong in the basement. The lower the pile, the more easily the carpet will “breathe” and dry out if it gets wet. If something dries more quickly, mold is less likely to grow on it. Unless you have a very dry basement, a plush carpet that you can sink your toes into isn’t a good choice below grade.

Before you put carpet in your basement, you should think about and fix any moisture problems that might be there. If you use a wet/dry vacuum to clean open-cell carpets after they have been installed, they can stand up to a little bit of water. But keep in mind that a flood would destroy the carpet and pad, so they would need to be replaced. Unless you live in a place with a very dry climate, most basements have a lot of moisture in them. During humid times of the year, experts recommend having a dehumidifier on hand or even running it all the time. This will keep your carpet dry and free of mold and mildew.

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