Protect Your Carpet from Messes and Stains During the Holidays

Even though the holiday season is drawing to a close, there has not been any letup in the pace of daily life. When getting ready for parties, get-togethers, or even the holidays themselves, many people choose to have a professional clean their carpets as part of the preparations they make for their homes to host visitors. Green Carpet’s Cleaning would like to share some helpful hints and pointers with you so that you can better maintain the cleanliness of your carpets during the holiday preparations and celebrations that are coming up. This will protect the carpets from potential damage.

Protect Your Carpet from the Messes Caused by Food and Craft Projects During the Holidays and Other Stains
1) Make sure the kids’ activity center is not placed on the carpet. It is important to keep children engaged in constructive activities so that their excitement can be contained and so that they have something to do in recognition of the celebrations surrounding the holidays. They are able to put their imaginative minds and hands to work if they are given the opportunity to use the outlet. It will be easier for you to clean up after the kids if you don’t let them do artsy crafts, cookie decorating, gingerbread house building, and other crafts in a designated area on tile or linoleum. Make sure to clean up any spills as soon as they happen.
2) Welcome rugs that are either freshly cleaned or brand new. If you do not already own a walk-off mat, you should definitely consider making the purchase of one. It is essential to prevent stains on the carpets while also containing the moisture, soils, and debris that may be present. You have the option of purchasing a mat with a holiday theme to coordinate with the decoration or getting one that can be used throughout the year. If you do have one at this time, you should make sure that the filth is cleaned off on a regular basis so that the mound does not get tracked inside.
3) Sweep the inside of the fireplace. If they are not cleaned and maintained correctly, fireplaces that use wood can produce a fair amount of ash and other debris. The ash, soot, and embers have a chance of staining the carpets if they are caught in the air or by hands that are too curious to leave them alone. After each use, clear out the ash and debris that have accumulated in the fireplace.
4) Shoes are not allowed on the carpets. Even if you don’t already have a “no shoes” policy on your carpets, you should start doing so immediately after having them cleaned, especially if you plan to host holiday events. This will help the carpets last longer. In order to assist in ensuring that people remove their shoes and to make the guests feel comfortable without their shoes on, impose a Christmas Sock theme on your next event. This will help to ensure that people remove their shoes.
5) You should not serve red wines. At a great number of get-togethers, parties, and holiday dinners, beverages will almost certainly be served. Because there are many different ways to have a good time during the holiday season, you might want to consider serving white or clear champagnes, wines, alcoholic beverages, and sparkling ciders instead of dark-colored soft drinks, hot chocolate, and red wines. In the event that they were to spill on the carpet, they would be simpler to clean up.
6) Groom pets. Even though pet hair and fur do not cause carpet stains, it can still be an eyesore if it collects in clumps on the carpet, upholstery, and even the clothing of your guests. Your best defense against the filthy deposits is to give your pets the royal treatment: take them to the groomer and have them shampooed, cut, and their nails trimmed to reduce the number of parasites.

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