Prep Your Carpets for the Holidays

Even though it may seem like a mad dash to get everything ready for the holidays, try to keep your cool and get your carpets ready for the deluge of foot traffic and the inevitable carpet spills that come with the delight of seeing family and friends during these festive days!

How do you clean the carpets and decorate the house for the holidays?

Of course, you want your carpets to look their best for Christmas visitors and family gatherings. You might think you can handle cleaning the carpets on your own, but with everything else going on, it might be too much.

Don’t panic, we’ll be here to help you. Every area in the house should be thoroughly vacuumed, but hiring a professional carpet cleaner will ensure a deeper clean and added protection for the holidays.

Restoring your carpet’s health and attractiveness will not only give you the desired look for the holidays, but it will also allow the carpet to endure increased foot traffic and resume its other, often-overlooked, role of air filtration.

With a professional carpet cleaning service, the carpets will be shampooed to remove any dirt that has become lodged in the carpet fibers. Having done so will restore its original warmth and softness, free of any lingering stains, odors, dullness, or unsightly microorganisms. When the carpet is dry, a protectant can be applied to it to prolong the time between cleanings.

You might be tempted to put off cleaning the carpet until after the holidays are over. However, it is common to dismiss the value of a clean carpet. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to protect your flooring, particularly your carpets. Both a doormat and an area rug can be used to prevent snow and other debris from tracking inside the house. It’s a good idea to put these in high-traffic areas like hallways and stairwells to protect them from wear and tear. You should also put your runner here, out of the way of foot traffic.

To avoid any stains from spilled drinks or foods this holiday season, it is essential to precondition your carpets. Carpets are easily stained by beverages like red wine and beer, so it’s best to keep them out of the house. It’s a good idea to select ingredients for your meals that complement the color scheme of your carpeting. To complement a white carpet, for instance, you might choose a white wine. One further way to prevent damage to your carpets is to keep trash cans in a convenient location. This makes for simple cleanup. A spotless garbage can should be placed conveniently next to both the kitchen and the eating area.

Crusts can get ground into the carpet if you don’t vacuum before having visitors over, so make sure to do that. By doing so, stains won’t have a chance to penetrate the carpet fibers. The holiday season is a particularly dangerous time for people to trip, therefore it’s a good idea to have shoe racks placed at all entrances. This will make you feel less out of place. And if you want to save both money and effort, you can embellish your shoe rack yourself.

Some folks really struggle with holiday stress. In order to save money on holiday cleaning, it is crucial to clean the carpets before guests arrive.

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