Post Carpet Cleaning Instructions

It is in your best interest to make the investment in having a professional clean your carpet. In spite of this, it is only natural for you to want to keep your carpets in a clean state for as long as possible after having them deep cleaned by a professional after they have been cleaned professionally. It’s possible that those of you who have a large family, a lot of people living in your house, pets, or children are aware of how challenging it can be to keep your carpets clean. Green Carpet’s Cleaning would like to assist you with this challenging endeavor by providing you with a few pointers on how to keep your carpets clean until your next deep cleaning appointment is scheduled.

Placement of Rugs in High Foot Traffic Areas of Carpet
The areas of our carpet with the most foot traffic are the dirtiest areas and also the areas that become dirty the quickest. Consider utilizing area rugs in high-traffic areas so that they can stay cleaner for longer. You can help prevent bringing dirt onto your freshly cleaned carpet by using runner rugs, area rugs, or even an entry rug or mat if you use one these options. When you use rugs on carpets, you should be aware that they are prone to shifting and moving around easily. Either invest in rugs that already come with back padding or make use of separate padding that acts as an anti-slip agent.

Absolutely No Shoes Allowed on the Carpet.
Keeping shoes off of carpets is yet another method that can be used to keep carpets cleaner for longer. If there’s one rule that needs to be enforced in every home with carpeting, it’s the one that says shoes are not allowed on the floor. As a result of the fact that shoes touch every surface in the home, they are one of the dirtiest items there. Dirt and bacteria are easily tracked into your carpets from your shoes. Never allow shoes on carpets; this will help keep them in pristine condition.

No consumables that could potentially leave stains are allowed on the carpet.
There are a lot of people who enjoy making their plush-carpeted living room double up as a dining room. It is a surefire way to get stains on the carpet if you eat or drink there. Another important rule that should be followed in every home is that no one should bring any kind of food or drink near the carpets. Some of the most difficult stains to remove are those caused by food and liquids.

Eliminate Carpet Stains Instantaneously
If you have children or pets, you may find that it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of stains. In circumstances like these, you will want to clean a stain as soon as it appears. If you want to keep your carpet clean, it is important to remember that stains should be removed as soon as they occur, no matter what kind of stain they are. When dealing with liquid stains, it is best to first apply some pressure with a dry cloth in order to absorb as much liquid as possible, and then use a spot stain remover in order to prevent the stain from spreading.

It is recommended to have carpets deep cleaned or cleaned by a professional cleaning service approximately every six months to properly care for and extend the life of your carpets. You can help your carpet stay clean for a longer period of time by using these strategies in between having it professionally deep cleaned. Because carpets are subjected to consistent foot traffic, it is important to vacuum and spot clean them on a regular basis. Book a Same Day Carpet Cleaning Orinda Orinda Service.

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