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Owners of dogs may require carpet cleaning.

You should love your dog for many different reasons. They will always be happy to see you when you arrive home, their love for you will never waver, and they will make sure you stay fit by making you work out with them. Dogs are great companions, but unfortunately, they can also be a huge mess on your carpet, which is the only real drawback to dog ownership despite all the positives. We have to deal with muddy paws and the occasional “accident” when we take our dogs for a stroll.

Carpets help keep you warm in the winter and make a space look better than it would without any, so we aren’t suggesting that you get rid of them. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, such as Green Carpet’s Cleaning, makes maintaining your carpets and keeping them looking as good as they did the day you got them much simpler.

We can help you for a variety of reasons, including the ones listed below:

Urinary Spots

Even if you’ve done a good job of housebreaking your dog, accidents might still happen. Urine stains on carpets can be more easily removed if the problem is handled as soon as it is identified. Most people who try to get rid of a urine stain on their carpet end up making it even worse for their pets. As an added bonus, the odor often remains. Paper towels or a clean white cloth can be used to blot up the urine and remove as much of the stain as possible from a stain while it is still wet. White vinegar diluted in water might be poured over the affected region to see if the stink goes away. Hopefully, this will be of some assistance. It’s imperative that the mixture permeate the carpet all the way to the backing for best results. After about ten minutes, reapply pressure with paper towels over the region that was treated with the solution. In order to remove stains from the carpet after they have dried, sprinkle a small amount of baking soda over the affected area, wait a few minutes, and then carefully vacuum it up.

Hair from animals

Without a dog that doesn’t shed, you’ll likely end up with a lot of pet hair all over your carpet, which may be a pain to get rid of. If you have a dog, especially one that sheds, you will appreciate this. Hair has a nasty habit of clogging up the standard household vacuum. Manual removal with a brush is another possibility, albeit it’s time-consuming and often unsuccessful.


Unfortunately, fleas can be picked up on a dog’s paws if it wanders through tall grass, and then the fleas can jump off the dog and breed on your carpet. A flea infestation may go undetected until the victim develops a rash of bites around the ankles. The best way to avoid this is to give your pet regular doses of medication that will both kill and discourage the emergence of these pests. If your property is still infested after taking all of these precautions, it is in your best interest to get in touch with experts.

Hot water extraction is the process used by Green Carpet’s Cleaning, and it is the approach recommended by the vast majority of carpet manufacturers. This cleaning method will get to the base of your carpet, where all sorts of dirt, dust, allergens, and bugs live, and then extract them. Even if your carpet has stubborn stains or is covered in pet hair, we have industrial-strength vacuums and chemical solutions to get them out. Maintaining a clean carpet on a regular basis can extend its life and ensure that it continues to look good throughout the year.

We can help if your carpet is showing signs of wear and tear because of your pet. Any inquiries or reservations can be made by calling 800 449 4304. Same Day Carpet Cleaning Thousand Oaks service is available the same day you call.

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