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Myths about carpet cleaning

Unless you have children or pets, you do not require expert carpet cleaning. To clean your carpets at home, you can use any detergent. Rugs will be clean enough if you vacuum them frequently.

None of these assertions are correct. The truth is that professional carpet cleaning is required to maintain your carpets looking like new, ensuring that they last as long as possible and remain a valued asset in your house. When you hire specialists to clean your rugs on a regular basis, you will receive better results for less money and save yourself a lot of trouble by avoiding some typical mistakes that people do when cleaning their own carpets.

We frequently encounter people who have been offered incorrect advice throughout the years in the carpet cleaning industry. There are numerous carpet cleaning myths that need to be debunked in order to break the loop of inaccurate information that leads to badly maintained and inadequately cleaned carpets. We’ve identified and refuted the top six myths below so you can have a better grasp of how to clean and care for your carpet.

A stain remover is secure to use if it claims to work on the carpet.

It can be terrible to believe the information on the bottle’s back before trying it on a small area of your carpet. Many commercial stain removers might alter the color of carpet dye or leave behind telltale traces that exacerbate the stain’s appearance. Calling an expert is preferable to taking a chance with a store-bought stain remover if you have a tough spot on your carpet.

Carpet cleaning causes carpets to become dirtier more quickly.

This myth persists because it can be accurate in some instances. For example, when steam cleaners use soapy detergents to clean carpets, the detergents can leave a sticky, dirt-attracting residue behind.

Mold or mildew will grow after cleaning with a liquid cleanser.

Again, in some cases, this one may be accurate. After cleaning carpets, steam cleaners frequently leave them dripping wet. When carpets take days to dry, mold and mildew can flourish in this environment. Additionally, while attempting to clean up a spill or stain, homeowners frequently wet their carpets without realizing that it would take several hours for these areas to dry.

Any qualified carpet cleaner may complete the task.

Your carpet may alter completely after receiving professional carpet cleaning. However, not all businesses are created equally. Companies today use a range of cleaning methods, including dry-compound cleaning and steam cleaning. It’s critical to consider how these cleaning procedures operate, the substances and tools employed, as well as the potential long-term impact they may have on your carpet and health. In this way, you can pick a cleaning service whose methods safeguard both your family’s health and the integrity of your carpet.

The purpose of the carpet is to conceal filth. Additionally, you won’t notice your carpet gradually becoming darker with dirt over time because you see it every day. If you wait until your carpet is obviously soiled, all the crud inside can already have harmed the carpet’s durability.

It is strongly advised to establish a regular carpet cleaning routine so you won’t ever have to decide whether to hire a professional crew right away or wait a while. Depending on whether you have kids, pets, or allergies, most carpet cleaning manufacturers advise getting your carpet cleaned once or twice a year. Book a Same Day Carpet Cleaning Emeryville Emeryville service with us.

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