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Rug Cleaning Venice – In the world of rugs and carpets, Milliken is one of the most popular brand names. It is known throughout the carpet industry, and is not only well-acclaimed in the United States but around the world. Well, there is one main thing that makes Milliken popular – their outstanding, high quality area rugs.

The Milliken area rugs are all designed and crafted by the Milliken’s craftsmen who have been dedicating themselves to their work to produce and deliver the highest quality in area rugs. The company has actually been in business since 1865 and it’s nice to know that since that time, Milliken has continually made its mark as a worldwide leader in textiles. Milliken has in fact made its expansion in different areas in the world that today its global manufacturing operation includes over 12,000 associates working in over 60 facilities worldwide.

According to some reviews, the Milliken area rugs boast a superb combination of function and form. This is the reason that Milliken area rugs are all deemed throughout the textile industry as highly flexible, innovative, and valuable. All of these were made possible with the company’s long years of experience in the commercial and residential sector, allowing them to design and manufacture a varied collection of patterned area rugs.

But how are the Milliken area rugs crafted that they offer such a level of quality and style?

Well, the main factor that contributes to Milliken area rugs’ strong quality and style is the fiber from which it is made. The Milliken area rugs are all made from high quality fibers, such as the premium quality nylon fiber and the New Zealand wool. As what the company has maintained, these raw materials are highly durable and have a great appearance, the reason that they consider such fibers as the foundation of their rugs.

The Milliken area rugs are also built with the highest twist durability. This is basically one of the best assets of Milliken and they have maintained this knowing that the more the twists in the yarn area, the more traffic the rug can withstand before it reaches its state of crushing. They maintained the twists to retain the original texture of their area rugs which is a vital component of each piece.

According to certain surveys, the Milliken area rugs have the highest level of twistiness compared to the other brands. The twist level is even higher than the industry average of 3.5 twists per inch. This is one main reason that the Milliken products are all noted for their extra quality of texture.

Today, the Milliken Company has introduced its newest selection of outstanding area rugs. Included in the most recently built are the Pastiche, Signature, Innovations, Kashmiran, Claire Murray and the Seasonal Inspirations. All of these lines are built with the highest level of twist from the best fibers. Certain inspections and control procedures are even maintained during the production to ensure that their products really possess the highest quality that Milliken is known for.

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