Methods for Cleaning a Shag Rug

Shag rugs are making a comeback in the design world, and this time around they are even more luxurious than their ancestors from the 1970s. Designers have shown enthusiasm for a wide range of products, including leather, fleece, and every color in between. These products are typically sold as area rugs rather than full-room carpeting. Because they not only look great but also feel great underfoot, shag rugs are an excellent choice for any kind of decor.

It takes more maintenance to keep a shag rug looking good than it does to maintain the appearance of a rug that is flatter and shorter. Long fibers are superior to flatter weaves when it comes to the collection of grime and dust. The cleaning of a shag rug is not a difficult task, even though it does take some time to complete.

The Precise Routine Maintenance Schedule for Shag Rugs
It is recommended that a shag or frieze pile rug that gets a lot of foot traffic to be vacuumed at least once per day, and preferably twice if there are pets in the home so that the pile can remain fluffy and the dirt and particles can be removed. In order for the rug to maintain its presentable appearance, it must be vacuumed at least several times per week.

To the best of your ability, mop up any spills and treat any stains right where they happened. It is especially important to hire a professional service such as Green Carpet’s Cleaning to perform a thorough cleaning on your carpet at least once a month if you have children or animals in the house.

Upkeep Requirements for a Shag Rug

Make fun of the filth.
Simply pick up the rug and give it a good shake outside if it is of a size that allows you to do so. You can also use a mop or an old tennis racket to beat the rug over a railing or a sturdy clothesline to remove dust and dirt that has settled into the fibers. This can be done to clean the rug. The soil will be allowed to become extremely mucky.

The Rug Is Being Cleaned with the Vacuum
When it comes to cleaning a shag rug, the method that is the most effective is to use a cylinder vacuum equipped with an upholstery attachment and a hose. As a result of the decreased force of the suction, the rug’s loopholes will not be sucked in too tightly, which will prevent damage to the rug. If you only have an upright vacuum, raise the cleaning head as high as it can go and move the beater bar out of the way. This will help you clean more thoroughly. A vacuum cleaner that lacks the ability to make these adjustments should not be used on a shag rug at any time.

By adjusting the settings on your vacuum to the appropriate levels, you can remove dirt and dust. Work within the confines of a grid and overlap your brushstrokes for the best possible results. To remove ground-in dirt from the underside of the rug, turn the rug over, adjust the settings on the vacuum to the setting with the lowest pile, engage the beater bar, and vacuum the area. When you vacuum the rug, you should also make sure to clean it.

Look for Discolorations, and Take Action Against Them
It is necessary to turn the rug over and examine both sides for any stains. The tarnished areas need to be treated in a manner that is compliant with the criteria that have been established for the removal of all tarnish completely. Many stains can be removed by using a solution that consists of a few drops of dishwashing liquid combined with one cup of warm water. To remove the stain, saturate a brush or a cloth made of microfiber with the solution and scrub the area gently. The last steps involve blotting dry the carpet and rinsing the affected area with a clean towel that has been dipped in plain water.

Either the rug should be hung up to dry or the cleaned area should be raised so that air can circulate around the wet area and dry it as quickly as possible. Doing either of these things will allow the rug to dry more quickly.

Raise the Stack, if you could.
If the pile is not as fluffy as you would like it to be, feel free to use your hands, a carpet rake, or even a plastic garden rake designed for children to fluff it up. Do not apply any unnecessary force; all that is required is a light touch.

Do not attempt to perform a thorough cleaning on a pricey shag rug without first seeking the advice of a professional. Book now for a Same Day Carpet Cleaning Moraga Moraga Service.

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