Is Green Carpet Cleaning Equal to Chemical Carpet Cleaning Bell Gardens

Is Green Carpet Cleaning Equal to Chemical Carpet Cleaning?

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Bell Gardens — No one would pick chemical cleaning agents over natural items if the quality of cleanliness was similar, right?

In fact, The Carpet and Rug Institute gave the green system platinum certification, which is the best quality in the industry. Unfortunately, misconceptions about green carpet cleaning have been around for years.

Here is how green cleaning is safer and more effective than chemical steam cleaners.

Zero Residue versus. Residue

Strong shampoos may appear to clean and perfume carpets, but they have one big flaw: they leave soap residues behind. Steam cleaners are unable to remove all shampoo particles from carpets since they are not removed and properly soaked. Immediately after a chemical cleaning, the residues function as dirt magnets. Rather than enjoying clean carpets for weeks, chemical residues ensure that your rugs begin accumulating dirt as soon as they are cleaned.

Electrolyzed water substitutes the chemicals used by steam cleaners in the green system. Rather than leaving behind residues, our team removes over 90 percent of soils without soaps. That leaves your carpet free of residues, allowing it to stay cleaner for longer.

Odor Removal and Chemicals

You are inhaling artificial scents that conceal aromas still persisting in your carpets when you smell the shampoo residue after a chemical carpet cleaning. It may smell fresh thanks to the chemicals left behind by steam cleaners, but scents from pet or child messes will reappear once the perfumes have worn off.

To eradicate the most potent odors, the cleaning procedure employs food-grade enzymes obtained from plants. These enzymes get into the dirt and eliminate them from your rugs, rather than masking the odors. The only way to get rid of the odors is to use this soil removal process. It’s simply superior science than the chemical cleansers’ cover-up approach.

Platinum Certification and Green Carpet Cleaning

The Carpet and Rug Institute’s Platinum certification puts green system ahead of most competitors in the market, guaranteeing the removal of over 90% of soils without the use of chemicals. For families with children and dogs, this means getting rid of dangerous compounds completely without causing respiratory or skin discomfort.

Green cleaning reduces the frequency with which carpets need to be serviced, saving energy and preventing cleaning trucks from coming to your home. After steam cleaning, green cleaning prevents chemicals from being carried down the drain and into nearby waters. This service uses no chemicals and has no harmful effects on the environment.

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