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How to Take Carpet Off of Steps

Although it takes time and effort, carpet removal from staircases has certain advantages. Carpeting on staircases experiences heavy foot traffic and quickly deteriorates, particularly on the stair nose. Therefore, installing new carpet on the stairs might be a good idea. Alternatively, you might want to take a different route by updating the stair treads and risers or adding attractive stair covers. Regardless of what you decide, the first step is to take the carpet off the steps.

If your carpet is loose, you can stretch it to make it last longer rather than having it replaced. Under carpet and padding, dirt can be effective. According to studies, the key factor contributing to mold and mildew under carpeting is dirt.

Prior to starting

Determine what will happen to the stairs when the carpet has been removed. Aspects of carpet removal depend on whether you plan to put in new carpeting or a hard surface like stair treads.

Putting in New Carpet
If you will be laying new carpeting, you may be able to preserve the tack strips and carpet padding and reuse them.

Carpet tack strips can typically be reused and left in place. In this instance, take care to not harm the strips when removing the carpeting.
Carpet padding: Carpet padding is frequently too soiled or flattened to be used again. The padding can probably be reused if the existing carpet is still quite new. You might want to take off the padding even if it’s in good shape so you can clean the steps.

Setting Up Hard Surface
If you won’t be replacing the carpet, you might choose to put in a hard surface like vinyl, laminate, or wood stair tread and riser covers. Alternatively, you can wish to paint or stain the wood to restore it.

The carpet padding and tack strips need to be taken out before placing hard surfaces on stairs or repainting them. You should take out each fastener before refinishing them rather than hammering them flat.

Considerations for Safety
To prevent falling backwards when working on the staircase, exercise caution. Carpet tack strips have very sharp edges. Even a slight touch will puncture the skin. Always use eye protection when pulling off carpet staples or tack strips. Wear breathing protection when removing carpet from stairs because it is common for carpeted stairs to be unclean underneath the carpet and padding.

When to Contact a Specialist
As part of installing new carpet, carpet installers frequently remove and discard old carpeting. You might not need to take the carpet off the stairs yourself if new carpet is being fitted.

Go ahead and deep clean, or just give us a call! Nothing works as well as a thorough deep clean. While renting the necessary tools and doing the work yourself is an option, there are advantages to hiring a professional. Our cleaning skill is greatly increased by our experience and equipment. Every time we come over, we treat your carpet just like our own. Ask Green Carpet’s Cleaning how we can make your carpet seem brand new by giving us a call at 800 449 4304. We also offer a Same Day Carpet Cleaning Hayward service .

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