How to Remove High Traffic Stains from Carpet

How to Remove High Traffic Stains from Carpet

Carpet Cleaning — Due to different circumstances such as children or simple mishaps, stains in high traffic areas of your home are rather prevalent on carpet. Using a mixture of water, vinegar, and baking soda, you can remove practically any form of high-traffic stain from your carpet. This procedure is both safer and less expensive than most commercial Carpet Cleaning methods.

Nobody enjoys having to clean up spills or stains on their carpet. Certain factors in your environment can often enhance the likelihood of carpet staining over time. People with little children, for example, will deal with spills and stains far more than someone who lives alone. Regardless of how stains appear on your carpet, one reality remains:

To accomplish so, you might employ a variety of procedures and strategies to efficiently remove set-in stains. You’ve come to the right place if you’ve been suffering with stubborn stains on your carpet or any other fabric in your home.

How to get rid of carpet stains caused by excessive traffic

Removing extremely stubborn and set-in stains from high-traffic areas in your home can be difficult. The good news is that you don’t have to hire a professional Carpet Cleaning business to get them out. There are many at-home solutions that are particularly effective at removing hard stains from high-traffic areas that you may make yourself.

Here’s a recipe for a high-traffic stain remover that you can prepare right now at home:

Baking soda helps to dissolve stains, making them easier to remove from your carpet.
1 cup white vinegar – vinegar is a strong degreaser that works well on stubborn stains.
Cup of warm water – water aids in the loosening of dirt, which aids in the removal of deep stains from your carpet.
Liquid soap combines grease-fighting activity with dirt-loosening properties to provide effective stain removal.

Once you’ve gathered all of these ingredients, you’ll need to combine them to make the cleaning solution that will properly remove stains. Take a look at the instructions below to see how to put these ingredients together for your high-traffic stain remover.

Mixing and application directions for high-traffic stain remover:

Except for the baking soda, combine all of the ingredients in a bucket.
After that, apply a coating of baking soda to the afflicted region of your carpet.
After that, spray the homemade cleaning solution on the problematic region of the carpet to help the baking soda start working.
Wait for a reaction to occur, then use a towel to blot away all of the spots.
After that, blot your carpet with a clean wet cloth to clean it.
When cleaning your carpet, make sure you obtain all of the cleaning solution and stains so that no residue is left behind.
Blot the now-clean area with a dry cloth to dry it.

After you’ve performed all of these processes, you’ll have a clean carpet that’s free of stains.
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