How to Maintain Outside Rugs in Place on Concrete Flooring in Acton

Exactly How to Keep Exterior Rugs in Place on Concrete Flooring

Rug Cleaning in Acton — If you have an outside rug on your concrete outdoor patio, you have to recognize how simple it is for their setting to be changed by wind, triggering them to need constant readjustment as well as positioning.

Thankfully, that can be changed, as well as you can get your exterior rugs to sit tight without any professional aid. Right here is a quick step-by-step guide on exactly how to keep outdoor rugs in place on concrete.

1. Install Velcro Strips
If you want your mat rooted to one specific area on your concrete and also do not mind potentially leaving sticky residue on your flooring, you can install Velcro strips on your mat.

This will hold the mat securely in place for a very long time. You can purchase Velcro in both pre-cut strips as well as long rolls.

Installing Velcro strips to a floor covering is fairly very easy; start by cutting the Velcro right into the desired size, according to the size of your floor covering. After that place these cutout Velcro strips on the corners and also sides of the floor covering.

Next, take off the paper to disclose the sticky side on the softer fifty percent of the Velcro. This is the half of the Velcro that will certainly be stuck to the flooring.

Also, remove the paper on the rougher half of the Velcro prior to placing it in a comparable style as the Velcro on the floor to the bottom of your floor mat. Ultimately, all you need to do is stick both strips with each other.

The only drawback to this technique is when you determine to transform the position of the mat. This is due to the fact that this method requires you to mount half of the Velcro strip straight onto your floor with adhesive, so the removal process can leave behind some sticky mess on the flooring.

This is why it is suggested that you just utilize Velcro strips when you plan to maintain your mat in the exact same place on the floor for an extended period.

2. Utilizing Potted Plants
This is an extremely simple fix to keep your outdoor rugs in place. Simply place a few big potted plants and also any other heavy furniture on top of the rug.

If you feel that the potted plants will certainly hide the layout of your rug, you can use plants in an additional method by growing them. Yes! Planting fast-growing yew trees as well as various other high plants will reduce the amount of wind that gets into your yard. When much less wind gets to the rug, it will certainly stay in one setting for a longer time.

3. Utilizing Double Sided Sticky Tape
This is a very fast as well as cost-effective solution; just apply an easy roll of double-sided tape on your mat to give it an added hold and also quits it from moving on your floor.

To do this, use the sticky tape around the edges of the mat, regarding 2 inches in; also, put a number of tape strips along the center of the floor covering for added grasp.

The sticky tape might hold your floor covering as well as stop it from sliding. But, when the sticky tape starts to accumulate dirt, dust, as well as particles, it will certainly lose its adhesive top qualities and also would certainly require to be changed when this happens.

Make sure only to utilize sticky tape that is particularly designed to be utilized on floor coverings as well as has a light glue. Using tapes with strong adhesive will leave behind a messy sticky residue when removed; this can stain your mat as well as your flooring.

You also bear in mind that, like with caulking, it’s advised to just put sticky tape on economical mats just as well as avoid the tape if you have an antique or pricey carpeting or rug.

4. Place Furnishings Weights
If you have a big rug on your concrete patio area exterior, you can maintain the rug in one place making use of the weight of furniture.

You can try maintaining 2 legs of your furnishings like your outside couches, seating, tables and chairs, on the rug in any way times. This will certainly assist to keep the rug from being tossed around by the wind. If you do not have heavy outdoor furniture, you can try getting some furnishings weights.

Relying on the environment you live in– or the period you are presently in– having an exterior rug can either be a blessing or disaster.
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