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How to Get Rid of Stains at Home

Your kids, pets, or guests who aren’t careful could accidentally damage the beautiful carpets in your home. But even though it might seem like annoying stains are a normal part of life, you don’t have to put up with them if you don’t want to. Three common household items that can be used to get rid of a wide range of stains are peroxide, ammonia, and blotting paper. The experts at The Carpet Cleaning Company can give you tips that will help you get even the hardest stains out of your carpet.

Regular Stains
A mixture of two-thirds hydrogen peroxide and one-third ammonia is the best “spot remover” you can make yourself.
This method for getting stains out of carpets works on just about any stain that is left behind after the everyday accidents that happen on carpets. If you follow these tips, you won’t have to worry about spots that don’t look good:

By vacuuming the carpet the right way, you can get rid of as many of the dry bits as possible.
After putting on the stain remover mixture, the next steps are to stir it with a brush and let it dry.
If the stains are still there, agitate the fabric and apply your homemade stain remover again.
Once the area is completely dry, you can vacuum it.
Liquid Spills
We gave you a recipe for a stain remover that you can make yourself. You can also use it to clean up spills and stains from drinks like coffee, tea, wine, and juice. Since the stain has been completely cleaned up, it looks like there was never any kind of a mess, to begin with. Follow these easy steps to keep your home clean and free of clutter so you can get on with your day:

Use as many paper towels as you need to soak up as much water as possible.
Use the spot removal solution on the area where the spill happened. Mix it up with a brush, and then let it dry in the air.
If the stains are still there, agitate the fabric and apply your homemade stain remover again.
After letting the area dry naturally, vacuum it.

Pet Accidents
We love our furry children, but we don’t like the messes they make around the house sometimes. If Fido had an accident while you were gone, you need to clean up the mess right away so that bad smells don’t develop. The great thing about the homemade way to get rid of stains that we told you about before is that it also works on stains made by pets. Follow these steps if you want to keep being known as the best pet owner in the world:

Take out any solid trash and soak up any liquid with paper towels.
Let the stain remover mixture sit for a few minutes after you’ve brushed it on the affected area with a brush.
Put a folded white towel on the wound, and then put something heavy on top of the towel. Don’t move the towel for a whole day. (The towel will soak up any liquid that got to the back of the carpet or piece of furniture.)
If the stains are still there, agitate the fabric and apply your homemade stain remover again.
After the area has had a chance to dry, vacuum it.

Most of the time, it’s best to get rid of stains as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage to your carpets. However, some stains are harder to get rid of than others. Call Green Carpet’s Cleaning Company if you have stains on your carpet that are hard to get out of and need more than a do-it-yourself method. We will make sure that your floors are always clean, smell good, and don’t have any stains or odors. We will do this by using a cleaning method that is safe for both children and dogs and is designed to make your carpets last longer. If you want a free quote, just let us know. Book a service to Carpet Cleaning Near Me Harbor City Harbor City.

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