How to Disinfect and Sanitize Your Memory Foam Mattress in Huntington Beach

How to Disinfect and Sanitize Your Memory Foam Mattress
Mattress Cleaning in Huntington Beach — Dust and allergens will land in your mattress usually without you seeing or discovering them. With so many people suffering from asthma and allergies it’s imperative to assure that your mattress won’t cause harm to your health. These frequent allergens of pollen, dust mites dander and mold are irritants for noses, sensitive eyes and skin resulting in the wellness problems preventing you from having a sleep. Beyond your typical cleaning and eliminating of stains it’s also important to maintain your memory foam mattress investment clean from sanitizing to make sure the sleep and disinfecting.

METHOD 1: Steam Cleaning

Dust Mites are critters not seen by the naked eye but can be felt in eyes and runny noses. To fight this allergen as well as other mattress enemies you may wish to attack with heat. You may need someone to aid with moving and lifting the mattress as you clean. Use handheld steamer or a garment, or rent a steamer, and operate the steam cleaner round the mattress surfaces or surface with brief bursts of steam. You do not wish to use bursts of steam since this will result in spraying the mattress. It is a must to allow the mattress to dry completely prior to making this up and sleeping on it.

Antibacterial cleaners are exactly what they imply — protect against and they are designed to eliminate harmful bacteria. When picking a spray or solution make certain it isn’t bleach as this will harm the mattress fibers and covering. When using a cleaner, follow directions mixing it. Put solution that is liquid . Be sure to vacuum bed surfaces to remove as excess allergens and dust as possible. Scrub antibacterial spray or your disinfectant solution gently surfaces of your mattress like sides, bottom and top. Dip a clean rag in water that is warm once they have been sprayed totally and ring it out as far as possible to wash down all surfaces. Make sure mattress has time to dry before setting it up to be made for sleeping.

METHOD 3: Vodka

Yes, your vodka is a disinfectant not just for your mattress but also for skin . You do not need to devote top bucks on the expensive as used for sanitizing, since all vodkas will work exactly the same. Ensure that all of the mattress surfaces are fully vacuumed to clean off lose dirt and allergens. Simply pour the vodka cover all surfaces of the mattress with all the vodka. Once completed spraying, make certain to allow mattress to dry thoroughly before using it.

METHOD 4: Ultraviolet Light

If you suffer from severe allergies and want extra sanitizing you can go in cleaning mattresses. These companies have commercial grade machines and equipment made to attack certain allergens. In addition to steam cleaning, a Mattress Cleaning in Huntington Beach company should have the ability to use radiation that is damaging to microorganisms. The UV light breaks apart the DNA of this germ causing it perish and to stop reproducing. Once you have your fresh newly sanitized mattress make certain to keep it as clean as possible. Lift the mattress off the floor placed on frame or a stage with foundation to keep mold, germs and dirt from collecting under the mattress surface. Be sure to remake your bed weekly with bedding and linens washed in water.

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