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It might be hard to decide what to put on your floor because there are so many options now. For example, you could choose between carpet and hardwood. Some people might wonder if the carpet is better than other types of hard floors in any way. Even though each type of floor covering has its own pros and cons, there are a number of reasons why carpet is better than hard floors.

When it was time to think about new flooring for your kids’ rooms, we briefly talked about putting in a hard surface. However, after looking at how my kids use their rooms, it was clear that carpet was the best choice. Even though their rooms have desks and chairs, kids often sit on the floor for different reasons.

When both of our kids are at remote schools during this time, we often find them doing homework, practicing their instruments, lifting weights, and talking on the phone with their friends. Our daughter wants to be a ballerina, so she spends a lot of time in front of the mirror stretching out and doing her hair and makeup.

You should choose a darker color and a longer pile than we had before to make the difference stand out more.

We also wanted the house to be warm and welcoming in the winter, and we wanted it to be quieter when our daughter does jumping jacks and other dancing jumps as part of her workout, and when our son starts strumming his viola. The main benefit of carpet is that it keeps dust, pollen, and other airborne particles from getting into the breathing zone.

Modern Day Moguls say that carpet is the best base for holiday decorations.

Cozy: It was easy for me to choose carpet for this room because I knew it would be the center of family life and work. The carpet makes it easy to hang out in this room because it feels warm, cozy, and soft underfoot. During the winter, it’s very important to stay warm and comfortable. While I’m at work, the girls often work on projects or color on the floor next to the dog.

Noise reduction: The carpet muffles the sound of children’s feet, making it easier to work in this area.

Carpet makes life better by making the air inside better, which helps everyone, even people with asthma and allergies.

Easy to clean, I chose a bright white carpet so I could put my old Turkish rugs on top to add some color. This is very important if you like to change your decor as often as I do. People thought I was crazy because I wasn’t scared of kids or a dog. But it’s easy to keep your carpet clean and in good shape. We don’t wear shoes inside, so that really helps. The CRI also recommends that you vacuum your carpet often, spot-clean it when you need to and have it cleaned by a professional once a year.

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