How to Clean Carpet from Dirt, Soil, and Mud

You should prepare yourself for the inevitable mess that will be made on your carpets by accidental spills and stains that will require cleaning. Carpets are made of a material that, like other types of textiles, will quickly absorb any liquid that may be spilled on them. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to be familiar with the most effective method for cleaning up each different kind of spill. This may be the result of a child bringing in sticky hands from candy, an accident involving the family pet, or people bringing in debris from outside. Each of these is a typical issue and stain that can be found in homes, each of which requires a specific method of cleaning. Mud is a common type of mess that can be found on carpets, especially during the colder months. This does not just consist of the typical dirt that can be removed with a vacuum designed for commercial use; in addition to that, it also contains water. The removal of this substance from the carpet is going to be difficult and will require a very specific approach on your part.

The Ways in Which You Can Avoid Getting Ground-In Dirt Stains
Watch the Mud as it Dries: There is one rule that always applies when it comes to stains on your carpet, and that rule is that you need to clean them as soon as possible. As soon as the accident occurs, you should get started on cleaning up the mess or stain. This has always been done with the intention of preventing the stain from spreading across the fabric or even working its way deeper into the fibers and backing. The one and only exception to this guideline are when you are attempting to remove a stain that was caused by mud! When it settles on the carpet, the dirt that has been wetted into mud does not change state because it is still in its original state. You should avoid working in the muddy area while it is still wet because doing so will actually cause the mud to become more widespread. Before making any attempt to clean a muddy footprint from the carpet, it is best to wait until the footprint has had sufficient time to dry out completely. Only then should you attempt to clean the stain.

Clean the Carpet and Remove the Dried Mud: After giving it some time and letting the mud dry out, you should now have something that can be used to begin the process of removing the stain from the carpet. The dried mud has now essentially become just dirt, whereas before it contained both dirt and water. It will have the appearance of being compacted and possibly even hardened, but when it is agitated, it will begin to turn into dust. You can get things started by pulverizing the dirt with a blunt instrument or by making use of the hose attachment that comes with your vacuum. Be sure to take it easy at first and keep a steady pace so that the mud has a chance to dry out and so that you don’t kick up too much dust into the air. When it comes to completing this step, you need to give it your full attention in order to scrape away the maximum amount of dirt.
Have the Carpets Cleaned by a Professional: The final action is to get the carpets cleaned professionally. You are going to want to make use of a professional carpet cleaner in order to guarantee that any remaining discoloration will be removed entirely without resulting in the mud being redistributed.

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