How Safe Is Your Carpet Cleaner for You and the Environment?

Your home’s carpet takes a beating from foot traffic, accidental spills, and dirt over the course of a year. Carpets, the environment, and your own health may not be well served by the use of harsh chemicals during the cleaning process, which can be performed by a professional service or as a Do It Yourself project. Because of these concerns, a growing number of people are turning to environmentally friendly carpet cleaning methods. The following are just a few of the many advantages that your family, your home, and the planet can gain from switching to Green Carpet’s Cleaning.

The Number of Pollutants Has Declined Carpet cleaning often involves the use of extreme chemicals, some of which are released into the environment. There is the potential for harm to the water supply because of the release of chemicals into the air during carpet cleaning (the same air you and your family will need to breathe after the carpet cleaners have left) and the subsequent pouring, unloading, or rinsing of these chemicals down the drain after they have cleaned the spots on your carpet.

Most commercial carpet cleaning solutions contain a laundry list of toxic chemicals designed to remove ground-in dirt and grime. While it may result in a clean and shiny carpet, it often comes at a high price for the environment due to the toxic substances that are left behind. In general, components of greener or more eco-friendly alternatives are risk-free and biodegradable. As an added bonus, the majority of the packaging for such goods is made from recyclable materials.

All Members of Your Family Will Benefit from Improved Health
The potential danger to your family’s health is yet another drawback of chemical carpet cleaning. Children, toddlers, and animals spend the most time breathing near the carpet, so using a cocktail of poisonous chemicals inside the enclosed area of your home can typically lead to significant problems, especially for those with respiratory system disease. Inhaling carpet cleaning chemicals can cause a variety of symptoms, the most common of which include:

Congestion and coughing
Headaches, migraines, etc.
Sensational Asthma Attacks
Redness and swelling of the nose, lungs, and eyes.
Feelings of nausea, vomiting, and extreme fatigue

When you use a carpet cleaner containing these dangerous chemicals, you and your family may be exposed to a concentrated vapor of airborne contaminants. Furthermore, these potentially dangerous vapors cannot be eliminated by simply allowing the carpet to “completely dry” or “air out” for a short period of time.

Reduced Needless Use of Water
Many people don’t consider the additional environmental impact of wasted water when thinking about the effects of traditional carpet cleaning methods. Many “green” carpet cleaning methods now dramatically reduce the amount of water typically used in the cleaning process. It’s helpful in a few different ways:

Less water used in the beginning means less water wasted or wasted when the carpet is finally clean.

Second, reducing the amount of runoff means fewer unsafe chemicals found in carpet cleaning products will be flushed down the drain and into the water supply.

In the end, reducing the amount of water used in carpet cleaning allows for quicker drying times (sometimes as little as four hours), allowing you to get back into your home with your family sooner and reducing the likelihood that mold and mildew will form.

Extended Carpet Service Life
Carpets can lose their luster and usefulness when cleaned with common chemical cleaners. Mixing harsh chemicals with the synthetic materials in your carpet can cause visible issues like yellow or brownish coloring in the carpet, but it can also have a hidden effect on your flooring. When chemicals are readily available in contact with carpet fibers, they can degrade the carpet and hasten its premature wear and tear. Given the price of tearing out and replacing carpeting, it makes sense to invest in a cleaner that will help keep your flooring in good condition for as long as possible.

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