How Much Does It Cost to Have My Drapes and Curtains Cleaned in Burbank

How Much Does It Cost to Have My Drapes and Carpets Cleaned?
Drapery Cleaning in Burbank — Curtains and drapes, over time, get dirty like everything else in your home. Periodic cleanings keep your house free from allergens and dust, and they preserve the life of your drapes.
If the curtains are dry-clean just or you are concerned about hurting them, it’s probably best to hire a professional cleaning services. Some cleaning companies pick up the curtains to clean them off-site, while some clean the drapes right in your house or out in a cleaning truck. You can have just some of the drapes cleaned or choose to perform them all at one time.

Curtain and Drape Cleaning Costs
Most cleaning services charge $70-$120 for every set of curtains, but many offer discounts when you have several sets cleaned at once. The cost varies based on the material of the drapes the type of cleaning and your geographic location.
Cotton curtains and drapes cost $65 to $95 for the first set and slightly less for every set.

Linen curtains run roughly $70-$100 for the first set.
For silk curtains -$120 per pair.
Polyester curtains cost approximately $60-$90 per pair.
Most cleaning companies have a fee – they won’t come out to get a single set of drapes. If you’re looking to have cleaned, or save money, consider bringing the curtains into a cleaning service , rather than having a service emerge.
Keep in mind that your bill wills increase. Eliminating mould and mildew from curtains may cost you $150 each pair. If you can help it, do not wait until the curtains are dirty to have them cleaned.
Cleaning Techniques and Frequency
Some curtains can be washed, which means you can handle the job yourself if that’s the situation. Before washing read the label and then follow the directions. Typically, the manufacturer will suggest washing the drapes in cold water and hanging them to dry. Various kinds of drapes will also need ironing.
The frequency of cleaning depends on your environmental requirements and cleanliness customs. Do you live in a area? Do you live in a high-smog region and frequently leave the windows open? Routine vacuuming and spot cleaning may lessen the frequency.

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